CapStorm & AWS: Salesforce Data Integration

Unlock the power of your Salesforce data with near real-time replication to AWS. Leverage AWS for scalable data analysis, data protection, and data governance. 

Achieve Data Now

CapStorm + AWS enables near real-time replication of your Salesforce data, metadata, and structure in AWS. Exceed customer expectations and increase revenue by delivering with predictive analytics and right-time data insights. Protect your organization’s data with self-hosted Salesforce backup & recovery. Streamline DevOps with granular Salesforce sandbox seeding.

Gain control over your Salesforce data with near real-time, incremental replication of Salesforce data and schema to AWS.

Compliance & Governance

Not only do you have complete control of your data, we have the tools to help you keep up with ever changing compliance laws. Achieve granular control over data visibility and data access.


Backup & Recovery

Explore our solution for Salesforce Backup and Recovery hosted on AWS. Backup Salesforce as often as every 5 minutes, validate that the backup is complete, and restore on-demand.

Data Exports & Imports

With the help of our world-class Salesforce data import and export technology, unlock the full potential of all your data. Streamline SFDC migration & ETL projects.

Integration & Reporting

Achieve seamless communication between Salesforce and your own relational and columnar databases, enabling near real-time analytics from any reporting application. 

Integrate Your Salesforce Data

By partnering with CapStorm and AWS, you can maximize your investment in Salesforce and gain a 360-degree view of your organization. If you would like to learn more about our innovative Salesforce integration solutions, contact us today.
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