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True data autonomy starts with CS:Managed

Leverage the power of your critical SFDC data with our newest Salesforce data recovery service product, CS:Managed. With our Salesforce daily backup service, our team will manage all backups, environments, configurations, and more, making it easier than ever for you to protect and manage your data with the confidence that it is verifiable and accessible off-platform.

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Salesforce Backup & Restore

With CS:Managed, your business will reduce risk and be empowered to confidently make data-driven decisions through a hands-off backup & restore solution.

These Additional Features Are At Your Fingertips

Don’t settle for just any Salesforce data recovery management solution. With CS:Managed, you’ll enjoy cutting-edge capabilities that let you take control of your data.

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How Can We Help?

Below, you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions regarding CS:Managed.

Designed to give users near real-time Salesforce data visibility, CS:Managed ensures that critical Salesforce data is accessible and verifiable off-platform via a Salesforce backup & restore managed package. Simply provide us with your Salesforce credentials and our team will take care of the rest!

Our process is intended to be quick and friction-free. Simply answer a few basic questions, provide us with your Salesforce credentials, and our team will handle everything from backup scheduling to data storage.

Backed by our proven process, you’ll have the confidence that your data is protected and recoverable in case anything goes wrong.

With CS:Managed, you maintain full control over your Salesforce data, allowing you to view and analyze it at any time.

Users enjoy access to 24/7 support.

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