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Salesforce reporting is an excellent way of gaining insights into the state of your business. It is foolish to not gain actionable insights from the data that sales, support, and other teams enter into Salesforce every day. However, native Salesforce reporting can be limited, especially when your organization has a high data volume.

Salesforce limitations only allow you to analyze a narrow window of historical data, limiting a business’ ability to understand the data that contributes to generating revenue.

Capstorm’s Salesforce integration technology facilitates seamless communication between Salesforce and your own relational database, enabling near real-time analytics from any reporting application. Whether your company relies on Tableau, Power BI, or another top-tier analytics solution, we have you covered!

Data Warehouse & Global Data Fabric

Salesforce can easily become a data silo, meaning that the data stored in Salesforce is separated from other key business systems like the ERP or a legacy finance system.

Instead of making decisions based off of partial data or struggling with poor data connectors, integrate Salesforce data into your data warehouse, data lake, or global enterprise data fabric.

CapStorm technology facilitates a seamless integration with near real-time data updates. Plus, the application will dynamically update your data warehouse as Salesforce structure changes. Add a new object, change a field definition, or add a new package? These changes are reflected automatically, to keep your data fabric in-step with Salesforce for streamlined reporting.

Compatible with your Current Architecture

Regardless of whether your organization operates solely on-cloud, on-premises, or a hybrid of the two, CapStorm can help. Our applications are designed for anywhere installation, with incremental replication of Salesforce data, schema, and metadata to popular databases like:

Operating system and hosting location flexibility:

Regardless of data size, streamline Salesforce reporting with near real-time analytics powered by CapStorm’s set-it-and-forget-it Salesforce integration software! CapStorm’s Salesforce integrations are by far the most versatile option on the market today.

Analyze Salesforce Data Trends Over Time

A key advantage of CapStorm’s Salesforce integrations is that our software enables you to analyze your Salesforce data over virtually any time span. When relying on native Salesforce reporting, you are limited to a 3-month period, restricting historical trend reporting to a narrow window of time.

As a result, you are only able to assess a very narrow scope of Salesforce data, which will prevent you from gaining meaningful insights into how your business has performed over an extended period of time. Imagine the increased accuracy of financial projections when forecasts and sales activities can be tracked in granular detail over a period of years, not months.

Gain an industry edge by enabling data based decisions that span the full breadth of your business.

Data Flow for Data Visualization

With CapStorm’s Salesforce integration, you can unlock the true potential of data with visualization tools like Tableau or PowerBI. Our technology provides unlimited data flow in near real-time. In addition, your data stays in your own relational databases, increasing data security and giving you control over how data is exposed for visualization.

Full Data Compliance

With the Govern extension, CapStorm’s Salesforce data integration adds an additional layer of data security, allowing you to control and monitor the utilization of sensitive data.

This enables automatic encryption of sensitive data, keeping your data in compliance while still ensuring that data can be used to gain data insights – with integration into all major data visualization tools.

Security by Design

CapStorm’s software was originally designed for a compliant Salesforce organization in the pharmaceutical industry. Security has always been key to our Salesforce integration technology. Data flows directly from Salesforce to your own database, with data at-rest behind your firewall.

Unlike many integrations that rely on fragmented flat files or a slow stream of data, CapStorm incrementally replicates data to a database as frequently as every three minutes. The database schema is automatically updated as Salesforce changes to create a near real-time mirror image of Salesforce that can be used with any off the shelf reporting application.

Data Consolidation Across Multiple Salesforce Production Organizations

CapStorm’s integration technology also facilitates data comparison across multiple Salesforce production data silos. This approach allows you to build a single source of truth, which is essential when operating in multiple markets or regions. Monitor user logs, watch for spikes in abnormal login or event activity in order to proactively prevent a ransomware attack against your Salesforce organization.

See the Forest for the Trees

With our capabilities for Salesforce data intelligence at your disposal, you can carefully monitor everything from product performance to login activity. Analyzing the performance of products across different Salesforce production orgs allows you to identify customer overlap and discover new opportunities for growth.

By tracking internal activity, such as login history, you can more effectively identify and respond to potential cyberattacks.

Metadata Comparison Across Multiple Salesforce Production Orgs

In addition to evaluating Salesforce data across multiple Salesforce production orgs, you can also analyze metadata.

Compare profiles and permissions sets, identify differences between business processes, or determine the difference between report layouts in minutes.

You can also compare metadata from sandbox and production, identifying differences and deploying metadata from org to org with clicks.

Integrate Salesforce Data Anywhere

By partnering with CapStorm, you can maximize your investment in Salesforce and gain a 360-degree view of your organization. If you would like to learn more about our innovative Salesforce integration solutions, contact us today.

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