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At CapStorm, we are the experts in Salesforce data management and Salesforce governance solutions. We love to help Salesforce customers increase enterprise value and reduce risk. Drop us a message below with some details about an issue you would like to resolve, a project you want to plan, or anything else that we can do to help.

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Open a ticket by emailing or call +1.850.695.0428.

Absolutely, with technical support included. Whether you are looking for a solution for Salesforce backup and recovery, Salesforce sandbox seeding, Salesforce data integration, data segmentation and governance, or something else, we are here to help.

The CopyStorm code base is the foundation for CapStorm’s Assure, Enable, and Govern softwares. Enable is an identical match for CopyStorm with a few new features for point-in-time Salesforce data recovery and advanced record archival.

CapStorm licenses start at $5,000 per Salesforce production organization, and license prices are not tied to the number of Salesforce users or the amount of Salesforce data.

Assure is designed for Salesforce backup and restore, primarily for small organizations and non-profits that need Salesforce disaster recovery, but do not need to use the data outside of having a backup. Enable goes a step further with full database access to a mirror image of Salesforce production to “enable” analytics teams, Salesforce developers, and more. Govern adds an additional layer of data security and control for regulated environments.

CapStorm serves customers in 48 countries, supporting several million Salesforce users. The majority of our customers function in highly regulated industries where privacy and trust are of utmost importance. Unlike SaaS solutions, CapStorm has no visibility into our customer’s Salesforce data extracts, providing the highest level of Salesforce data control and Salesforce data access.

Looking to download a CapStorm solution? As a current customer, click here and register. Your account executive will be in contact to upgrade your login for product downloads. CopyStorm, CopyStorm/Restore, Assure, Enable, Search, Director, and SQLForce can all be downloaded and upgraded directly from CapStorm’s website at any time.

CapStorm supports Salesforce objects that can be read across the standard Salesforce Soap, Rest, and Bulk API’s. This includes a backup of Salesforce standard and custom objects, managed package data, and metadata. Also included are objects with complex query restrictions like Knowledge, Content, Rich Text Fields, Attachments, and Files. What is not included are objects that cannot be read over the Salesforce API or objects that cannot be read by the Salesforce credentials supplied to the product (e.g., you need to be a Knowledge User to back up Salesforce Knowledge).

This depends upon the internet connection speed and the speed at which the software can write to the relational database. 15+ million records per hour on extract is a good baseline, but 45+ million per hour is attainable. Restores of 1.2 million records per hour are typical, varying based upon the data that is being restored.

Yes, this is a common use case for Salesforce migrations, Salesforce mergers, and Salesforce splits. CapStorm supports customers with multiple Salesforce production organizations, and our solutions are flexible enough to migrate data and metadata between unrelated environments.

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