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Why CapStorm?

CapStorm is the trusted platform proven to incrementally extract and restore mission-critical Salesforce data, metadata, and structure. We support granular restores of a single field on a single record, to huge hierarchies with hundreds of related objects and millions of rows. Whether your data is self-hosted, in a cloud, or spread globally, CapStorm gives you enterprise confidence by gaining autonomous control. Speak with a team member today to find out how you can increase business value and reduce risk.


CapStorm provides Salesforce Data protection with a backup and recovery approach that keeps all Salesforce data and metadata behind your firewall.


CapStorm makes you an expert at enabling data throughout your enterprise to integrate, report, or merge Salesforce data with your enterprise data fabric. We provide strategic solutions for your unique data needs.


CapStorm leads the industry in data governance for regulatory compliance, protection of proprietary data, and preservation of confidential information throughout the Salesforce environment and data lifecycle.

Weathering the Storm

“Within thirty minutes of establishing an on-site test environment, CapStorm was able to increase our developer productivity substantially which led to decreased costs.”

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