Salesforce Compliance: Data Security & Governance

CapStorm enables the modern enterprise to segment regulations via specific requirements, classify sensitive data, and leverage encryption to protect data as it flows throughout the enterprise data fabric.

Regardless of the size of your organization or the industry that you operate within, keeping up with compliance laws is essential to the continued growth of your business.

As data breaches and hacks are becoming increasingly frequent, the security of data as it moves in and out of Salesforce must be top of mind for your company.

Salesforce’s intricate 4-layer security model ensures that only authorized users can view the data they are supposed to access via user access controls like roles, permission sets, etc. To supplement this security model, Salesforce launched its “Salesforce Shield” in 2015.

This was Salesforce’s answer to consumer data privacy concerns stemming from the ever-increasing number of regulations (i.e. GDPR, CCPA, acknowledge PIPEDA, LGPD, etc.). Salesforce may have introduced auditing, encryption, archival, and monitoring functions for use within its native UI, but enterprise integration requires data protection beyond the Salesforce UI as data flows move in and out of complex data fabrics.

What happens when an organization feeds 30+ downstream processes with data from 20+ different Salesforce Orgs while integrating non-Salesforce data into the Salesforce UI from yet another set of disparate data stores? This scenario is commonplace for global organizations and requires a significant augmentation of Salesforce Shield’s capabilities, all in order to ensure data governance.

Our experts have designed a Salesforce data governance solution that preserves granular control over data classification while empowering regulatory compliance.

Salesforce Data Security Off-Platform: Encryption at the Field Level

The capabilities of CapStorm’s CS:Govern extension cannot be matched by any alternative data governance solutions on the market and is designed for the enterprise. Our advanced Salesforce data governance solution technology enables granular field-level encryption, not found in any other solution, enabling advanced data protection for streamlined data controls.

A common approach to downstream Salesforce data compliance is to improve encryption and auditability of data native to the Salesforce User Interface (UI) while enforcing full at-rest encryption for Salesforce data stored outside of the platform. This ‘full encryption’ tactic cripples data utilization making data fabric integration useless.

This protection is accomplished through:

Our dynamic technology enables data use while simultaneously preserving compliance methods within the enterprise data fabric.

Our CS:Govern technology can be used to address many areas of compliance, including:

Geographical Compliance: Native to Your Residence

Many countries enforce strict requirements around data hosting, requiring that citizen data remain in the country of origin.

The data localization laws are prevalent in the EU, Canada, Japan, China, Australia, and multiple other countries. Failure to comply can result in fines and other penalties, or worse, make your data vulnerable to cyberattacks.

With CS:Govern, you can maintain geographical compliance over your Salesforce data while also keeping your Salesforce data secure behind your firewall. This strategy offers maximum data utilization for a variety of purposes, including developer operations, integrations, business continuity, and analytics while ensuring the highest level of data protection.

In addition to geographical compliance, your organization must maintain compliance with the myriad of laws and regulations that govern your industry.

Governing Body Compliance: Keeping up with Laws & Regulations

Is it safe to assume that GDPR, CCPA, or other regulatory standards will remain static for the next few years? Absolutely not!

Ensure that your business has a plan to keep data in sync with statutory deadlines and parameters with CapStorm. CS:Govern can help you be confident that your Salesforce data stays in compliance when operating under regulations like:

CapStorm’s customers leverage Salesforce to store PII and GxP data every day. They trust CapStorm to protect compliance data as it flows in and out of the platform. Remember, these governing bodies are constantly evolving in order to address new cybersecurity threats. That is why you need a compliance partner that can keep up. 

How can our CS:Govern extension help you?

Controlled Data Access for Legal Discovery

CapStorm’s global customers are required to produce internal data constantly for opposing counsel and regulatory bodies across 48+ countries.

A common challenge is how to present only the required data while limiting data exposure. With the CS:Govern extension, this data can be generated in minutes in a relational database format with field-level encryption for total control over data exposure. In addition, CapStorm enables record snapshots to provide tamper-proof data copies with full record change history. 

Data Access Controls for all Levels

Speaking of control, CapStorm’s CS:Govern solution enhances your Salesforce security practices by providing complete data access control as data is integrated into the enterprise data fabric. This control means that you can validate that the right people have access to the appropriate information at the right time!

CS:Govern leverages your existing relational database to simultaneously manage multiple regulatory models, as many global businesses are under multiple compliance regulations that cause a single piece of data to inherit two or more compliance standards.

Our Salesforce data governance and compliance technology provides field-level data encryption and categorization, which allows you to grant data access based on a person’s role within the organization regardless of the number of regulatory standards.

Stay Secure. Stay Compliant.
Stay in Control of Your Data.

If you are looking for a proven, efficient, and user-friendly way to maintain Salesforce compliance, there is no better solution than CS:Govern.

Contact CapStorm to learn how to maximize your Salesforce data use while also ensuring data security and compliance.

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