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Information Security & Data Enablement

How Does CapStorm Provide Enterprise Data Security?

CapStorm enables enterprise-level Salesforce data security by empowering each customer to control Salesforce data storage, data use and data access. Data flows directly from Salesforce to your own servers, eliminating the risks inherent to SaaS Salesforce backup solutions, where your Salesforce data resides in other parties’ databases.

With CapStorm, Salesforce data is available for use at all times for a verifiable Salesforce backup. That empowers analytics teams, increases developer productivity, and powers Salesforce data integration into each business data warehouse or data fabric.

Customer-controlled access to each Salesforce data backup ensures that data is as secure as your organization requires. Advanced Salesforce data classification and at-rest segmentation provide role-based Salesforce data access controls and granular encryption. This gives you the highest level of protection while still ensuring that Salesforce data can be used within the organization.

Security at the Enterprise Level

Secure Data

Data is the enterprise value for any organization, and data loss can quickly destroy years’ worth of business progress. At the same time, data is meant to be used. CapStorm reduces risk while increasing data enablement with solutions that keep Salesforce data behind your business firewall.

Compliant Data

Ensure regulatory compliance by implementing data classification and granular encryption controls for all data transiting in and out of Salesforce. CapStorm empowers regulatory compliance while also preserving compliance methods within the enterprise data fabric.

Enabled Data

Achieve increased enterprise value and enable executive decision-making to unlock the full potential of your Salesforce data. With CapStorm, all Salesforce data stays in the organization’s relational databases for full data transparency and utilization.

Weathering the Storm

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