Salesforce Backup and Restore Downloads

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Version 9.47.1  
Linux/Mac 21.60 MB Login to Download
Win32 65.72 MB Login to Download
Win64 66.50 MB Login to Download

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a license cost?2018-08-01T17:52:39+00:00

Visit the pricing page or email questions to info@capstorm.com.  Pricing is NOT based on Salesforce user counts or data size.

Is the trial version missing any features?2018-08-01T17:52:43+00:00

No.  The trial license is the same as the full version, but the software will stop working after 30 days.
Contact sales@capstorm.com to purchase a license and continue using CopyStorm.

The solution I want to try is not available for download.2018-08-01T18:23:55+00:00

Contact sales@capstorm.com for a trial license with any product that is not available on the download page.
CopyStorm/Search and CopyStorm/View are available for a 30 day trial. 

How can I try CopyStorm/Restore?2018-08-01T17:52:54+00:00

Email sales@capstorm.com or click here to reach the Capstorm team.

How do I start using CopyStorm?2018-08-01T17:53:06+00:00

Download and unzip CopyStorm.  Enter Salesforce and database credentials, then click “start copy.”
For more information read the Installation Instructions or watch Getting Started with CopyStorm.

Does Capstorm have a place for technical help?2018-08-01T17:53:06+00:00

Product help and answers to common questions can be found on learn.capstorm.com.
Questions can also be emailed to support@capstorm.com or via our support form.