Salesforce Data Import & Export

If you have had to spearhead a Salesforce data import, export, or cleansing project, you know just how tedious this undertaking can be. Fortunately, CapStorm has developed a better way to handle your Salesforce data with our proprietary CS:Enable software.

With the help of our world-class Salesforce data import and export technology, unlock the full potential of all your data. Our solution works for a wide array of purposes, including data migration, data cleansing, and ensuring business continuity.

Major corporations in the pharmaceutical, financial, manufacturing, telecom, and energy verticals have all taken advantage of the capabilities of CS:Enable, with astounding results. Salesforce data export has never been easier.

Data Cleansing: Efficiency & Accuracy

Data analysis is one of the most effective ways of gaining insights into the overall health of your organization.

Trying to cleanse data prior to moving data to Salesforce?

Raw data is not always suitable for analysis and review. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for Salesforce users to enter inaccurate data ranging from simple typos to full data duplicates. In order to prepare your information for accurate reporting, performing data cleansing is essential.

CapStorm’s CS:Enable is designed to make it easier than ever to import and export data into Salesforce. Data is replicated directly from Salesforce to your relational database. This empowers your team to use any out-of-the box application for data cleansing and even consolidation. This ensures the accuracy of the data you depend on. Once cleansed, CS:Enable will push this data back into Salesforce, while keeping all the Salesforce data relationships intact for a seamless data load.

CS:Enable gives you the power to leverage your data to work for you. Whether you migrate data from your relational database to Salesforce, populate a new object, or add records to existing objects….all these can be achieved while maintaining data integrity.

The power of CS:Enable also supports the ability to turn off validation rules, triggers, or restricted picklists. This is key when moving historical data in or out of Salesforce in order to retain your organization’s original data. 

Data Migration: Streamline Your Transfers with Ease

Salesforce data migrations are known for the massive headaches that they create, especially when trying to move many Salesforce data relationships. CapStorm has the solutions to transfer your data quickly, accurately, and safely.

Whether your organization needs to consolidate multiple production organizations, split existing prod orgs, or is performing a full-scale restructure, our solutions are designed to support even the most complex Salesforce environments.

CS:Enable can be deployed for multiple types of Salesforce data migrations, including:

One Time Migrations

When performing a one-time migration, maintaining continuity of business operations is often a chief concern.

With CapStorm, your organization can quickly and efficiently complete  large-scale migrations while minimizing the risk of any operational disruptions. The ability create a mirror image of Salesforce in your own relational database is game changing.

Perform a full migration test prior to the production go-live by migrating to a Sandbox. Our solutions ensure business continuity while reducing downtime for a streamlined Salesforce migration.

Steady-State ETL: Continuous Migrations

Steady-state ETL or continuous migrations are among the most complex types of Salesforce data movement.

This becomes necessary when you need to create a steady stream of data from “system A” to your Salesforce org. Or in the most complex cases, generate a scheduled data import from multiple systems into Salesforce.

A common use case: Generate a Salesforce dashboard for the C-suite that provides insights into the entire state of the company.

This presents a challenge when you have multiple Salesforce Production Orgs or one or more ‘non-Salesforce’ systems of record.

Regardless of why you need to perform steady-state ETL, CapStorm is up to the task. CapStorm’s one-of-a-kind solution makes creating a steady Salesforce data flow easier than ever before.

Enterprise and Large Consulting Projects

While CS:Enable by CapStorm can create a link between legacy systems and Salesforce, its capabilities do not stop there.

Many of CapStorm’s customers rely on our Salesforce data import and export technology to streamline enterprise-level data migration projects. Salesforce data migration is a common use case, with migrations of multiple terabytes of interrelated Salesforce data.

Our migration extension adds a customized toolkit to manage user and record type mapping, migrate original Salesforce record IDs, and more. If you need assistance with a large-scale Salesforce data import project, CapStorm’s team of experts is glad to help. Our team can provide timely and precise guidance so that your enterprise-level migration is a seamless experience.

Expedite Your Data Workload

CapStorm is the industry leader in Salesforce data import and export technologies.

Our innovative solutions can help you get the most out of all of your Salesforce data. Whether you need to perform intensive data cleansing, a one-time migration, or continuous migrations, our solutions are designed by engineers to support even the most complex use cases.

If you would like to schedule a demo and see our products in action, contact us today. Together, we can streamline your Salesforce flow, improve operational security, and enhance productivity.

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