CapStorm & Tableau: Advanced Salesforce Data Visualization

Achieve Data Now with near real-time integration between Salesforce and Tableau. Unleash the full potential of your data!

Create a Data Culture

Data Now: Eliminate data silos and unlock insights with Salesforce data updates in Tableau within 3 minutes of your live Salesforce production organization. Do more with your data. Achieve Salesforce data autonomy to increases data insights, bringing better data into your data visualization system – now.

Eliminate query restrictions and data joint limitations with incremental replication from Salesforce into your own data repository for direct Salesforce and Tableau connection.

Choose Your Path

Achieve Salesforce data enablement and increase data governance. CapStorm’s self-hosted solutions give you full control over data security! 

Data Enablement

  • Self-hosted replica of Salesforce data & metadata
  • Automatic schema replication with automatic updates as your Salesforce data model changes
  • Incremental replication up to every 3 minutes
  • Customizable to extract the Salesforce data that you want, to where you want it, on your schedule 

Data Governance

Data Enablement plus:

  • Data classification and segmentation 
  • Role based data access for increased control
  • Granular encryption to meet multiple regulatory standards
  • Self-hosted data kept behind your firewall
  • GDPR, CCPA, PHI, HIPAA, etc compliance

Visualize Your Salesforce Data

Partner with CapStorm and Tableau to achieve a 360-degree view of your organization's data in near real time. Contact us today to hear how enterprises like yours are streamlining analytics processes, eliminating data silos, and achieving Data Now.

Partner with CapStorm and Tableau to achieve a 360-degree view of your organization in near real time. If you would

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