Capstorm: Salesforce backup and restore experts since 2011. On-premises Salesforce backup with options to restore data to Salesforce sandbox or production. Records or relationships can be restored without manual intervention.

Capstorm: The Salesforce Backup and Restore Experts

Salesforce Disaster Recovery

A complete solution for Salesforce disaster recovery, analytics, compliance, record archival, data warehousing, and more.  All Salesforce data stays fully under your control – backups are kept on-premises or in your private cloud.
Click to read the Guide for Selecting a Salesforce Backup and Recovery Partner

On-Premises Backup

Every Salesforce backup should be incremental!  Records can change multiple times each day – why not backup every few minutes?  Check a box to turn on Field History Tracking for all fields and retain archived records indefinitely.  Salesforce records and metadata are stored in your relational database for a fully accessible backup!

Read the Guide for a list of questions you should be asking to every potential backup and restore partner.
Capstorm's Salesforce migration guide provides high level steps to migrate data to Salesforce from another Salesforce instance or any other data store.
Backup Salesforce Records and Metadata on-premises or to a cloud that you own.

Point & Click Restore

Restore records, relationships, and metadata to Salesforce. Yes! Relationships are preserved. No intermediate action is required! Populate a Salesforce sandbox or repair production – the steps are the same.  Why wait until a data disaster to test the “disaster recovery plan”?  Seed a developer sandbox with rich production data in minutes – no data patching needed!

Still doing migrations with CSV’s?

Dump the spreadsheets and read Capstorm’s Salesforce Migration Playbook to start migrating data the fast way.  Bring traditional ETL methodology to Salesforce.