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Keep a hot copy of Salesforce in SQL/Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, or H2.



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Restore data & relationships to sandboxes or production in a few clicks.



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Capstorm - The Salesforce Backup & Restore Experts

Mission critical data is stored in Salesforce. It just makes sense to keep a hot copy of the Salesforce data!

Capstorm software application products overview. CopyStorm creates and keeps a hot, fully accessible, local copy of the Salesforce database. Copystorm/Restore copies large or small parts back to production or sandboxes. CopyStorm/Director manages backups for multiple Salesforce instances.

CopyStorm - Backup a Salesforce Database

Do you have a disaster recovery plan?

Data loss and damage can happen at anytime: 

    • Data loss and damage can occur when a user accidentally enters bad data or changes the wrong records. The damage can happen even if the user cannot delete data.
    • Data loss and damage can occur with a malicious user (think unhappy employee). Eventually the damage can be traced back to the user, but the data is still damaged.
    • Software can cause loss and damage. No doubt you fully test changes on a sandbox before deploying to production, but what if....
    • We have all heard about malicious software and viruses that capture user credentials to gain access to computer systems. What if an incursion happens?

Capstorm customers use their fully accessible, hot copy of Salesforce data! Here are a few examples:

  • Create amazing reports
  • Connect with BI and analytic software
  • Drive web services
  • Push the data to in-house systems
  • Load a data warehouse

How hot do you want your Salesforce backup? CopyStorm is always incremental, so you can keep your copy within 5 - 15 minutes of production. That is hot!

Oracle, SQL/Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Aurora, Azure and H2 are supported. Keep your data locally or in the cloud.

CopyStorm runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Click here to try CopyStorm - 30 day free trial!

CopyStorm/Restore - Restore Records AND Relationships

What is a restore?

The term "restore" often means providing CSV files that you must load into Salesforce. Capstorm's Restore restores multiple tables and the relationships between records without intervention. For example, to restore a set of Accounts and their related data (Contacts, Attachments, Notes, Opportunities, Cases...) with CopyStorm/Restore you determine what needs to be restored, and click the RESTORE button. No intermediate action is required! Yes, relationships are preserved!

  • Standard and Custom objects including Chatter and Knowledge, Files (Attachments...) restored
  • Related list records restored
  • Metadata restored
  • Lookup relationships restored
  • Relationships are preserved!

Disaster Recovery

  1. Practice on a sandbox before writing to production
  2. Surgically restore to production
  3. Records and relationships restored with one click

Super Charge Sandboxes

  1. Load targeted data for development projects, training, and testing
  2. Quickly reset sandboxes with a standard set of data
  3. Demonstrate features without touching production

Migration Solutions

  1. Record matching policies
  2. Mapping rules
  3. Tracker database to assist with incremental data load

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to begin a 30 day trial

"Aggreko have purchased CopyStorm and CopyStorm/Restore from CapStorm. Both products have been working extremely well and have simplified many of our processes.

For CopyStorm we wanted a product that would allow us an onsite backup of our Salesforce data. CopyStorm allowed us to back the data up to a SQL Server database. This gives us the advantage of easy accessibility to check/review the data. This has saved our data analyst many hours in relation to building and populating our product catalog data for use with the CPQ component of Salesforce. We have also been able to create backups of environments with specific Salesforce components enabled. We then can see exactly what data is required for that functionality to work. This has helped us get a better understanding of the back end data and its interrelationships.

Using CopyStorm/Restore has given us the ability to quickly build Sandboxes for use with our multiple ongoing projects. We can easily mask sensitive data which we have done when building training and user acceptance test environments. We have also used the application to load environments with specific components and specific data based on geographical regions. The application makes it very easy to specify exactly what data you wish to restore and automatically builds the required data dependencies. This granular data selection capability has been very useful for our regional rollouts of Salesforce and has allowed us to use smaller and less expensive Development sandboxes (200 MB) for training and UAT/OAT testing.

For the few issues I have raised around the products the Support response has been excellent. The support response has been within hours on any questions I have raised. On one of our issues the backup was showing a problem with backing up data in one of the tables. The Support team helped me locate the bad data and went so far as to modify their CapStorm Medic application tool to find the bad data which had been deleted and was still in the Salesforce recycle bin.

We have had a great ROI on the CapStorm products and would recommend them to any users of Salesforce."
   Dennis Cooper
   Technical Lead

"CopyStorm has been a core part of our Salesforce data system. With CopyStorm, we gain the ability to accurately have a near-real-time data store without the need to know the intricacies of SFDC. This empowers our analytics teams to provide insights on a more holistic level to the rest of the organization. Beyond being transparent on its access and internal operations under the hood, CopyStorm/Medic goes the extra mile providing functionality to bridge API gaps and discrepancies for analytics and debugging - providing a rock-solid product that we are comfortable depending on. The ease of use, consistent updates, and the instant responsiveness of dedicated technical support at all hours makes CopyStorm one of the most reliable and useful tools I have worked with."

Frank Hsu
Gusto Logo full berry

"We just successfully implemented a reporting / database conversion project with CopyStorm Backup for one of our Salesforce Organizations, and the process was completely painless. We replaced a custom system using an expensive ETL tool, and CopyStorm has been more automatic, fault-tolerant, and just generally easier than what we replaced. Their support has also been excellent, with quick replies from a knowledgeable team and willingness to add new enhancements we’ve suggested."

Larry Blake
Teach For America

Questions to Ask of Any Salesforce Backup and Restore Partner

How is "Restore" defined by the solution?
Restore may mean creating CSV files and then expecting you to apply them to Salesforce using a dataloader. Yikes! Capstorm's CopyStorm/Restore restores multiple tables and the relationships between records in a single pass without user intervention!

Is the backup useful for anything but restoring?
CopyStorm is a full relational database. Utilize the database tools to create complex reports and analyze the data in-house.

Does the solution require intervention when the Salesforce structure changes?
CopyStorm automatically adjusts to all schema changes.

Can the production backup be used to load sandboxes?
CopyStorm/Restore can be trusted because you will use it often to load sandboxes with targeted production data.

More Questions to Ask

For a Hosted vs. On-Premise Solution Comparison Guide along with a comparison checklist click here.

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