CapStorm serves the Salesforce community with expert solutions that give you autonomous use and control of data throughout your Salesforce environment. Empower enterprise value and confidence by managing data throughout its lifecycle, extracting insights, managing risks, bringing together organizations and securing regulated data. Whether your data is self-hosted, in a cloud or spread across global hybrid clouds, CapStorm enables you to Be Expert.

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Data Solutions that make you a Salesforce Data Expert

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Our clients bring us complex problems and find our solutions enable them to master the challenges of Salesforce data. Whether you are managing a migration project, responsible for protecting your organization from disaster or enabling the business with data that powers analytics and strategy, we have the experience and solutions to enable you to Be Expert.

Proven Experience

Our solutions are refined and proven from a decade’s experience. CapStorm solutions prioritize complete data integrity for business continuity, disaster recovery, and data enablement, even in highly regulated industries. We approach every opportunity mindful of the value and priority of your data, matched with our expert technology and best practices, to make you confidently Expert.

Trusted Solutions

Our solutions prioritize verifiable data for any use case. Protecting the full fidelity of data gives you confidence in backup and restore, and complete logging for audit and compliance purposes. Bring full referential integrity to all data and metadata, apply time-based integrity for incremental controls and manage a single view across multiple Sf Instances.

High Value

Why buy solutions designed for a single use case? We provide expert capabilities for a broad range of use cases that deliver higher value for your data challenges. Our solutions make you Expert at solving migration projects, automating data replication, enabling analytics and making data strategic, all while managing data for regulatory compliance.

Be Expert

In a quest to simplify many vendors take control away from you. Our approach is different. We know your Salesforce data is complex, and your skills are up to the task, so we bring Expert capabilities to enable you to do more. Robust functionality that solves real challenges. Complete security and data privacy for operational excellence. Whether you are an analyst, a developer or CIO, we enable you to be Expert.

Be More Confident in your Backups

According to Salesforce Knowledge Article #000334121, “It is important for customers to develop a data backup and recovery strategy as part of their overall data management and security model.”

The Salesforce Data Recovery service is an expensive and time-consuming process and should only be used as a last resort when no other copy of the data is available. Full and Incremental backup of all Sf data and metadata to relational databases with fully verifiable data integrity. Standard and custom objects, and metadata are included and automatically versioned for ease of restore.

Disaster Recovery

CS:Backup provides peace of mind by keeping a full-fidelity, high-frequency mirrored backup of your production Salesforce Org. Standard and custom objects are included with options for full field history tracking and deleted record retention. Metadata is also retained and database schema changes are automatically versioned. Once synchronized, CS:Backup is always incremental. Any change in Salesforce data or objects will be added to your backup database along with any added or modified records.


Use CS:Backup’s archival feature to create an infinite-depth recycle bin for Salesforce that captures record snapshots on timed intervals. The archive is controlled and secured, allowing Salesforce record retention to match your businesses’ compliance requirements. Record snapshots are automatically tamper evident and can be made tamper proof, enabling legal or regulatory holds to be enforced without inhibiting users.

Analytics & BI

It is your data — get more value from it. CS:Backup enables Sf data as relational databases, allowing you to fully maximize the value of data as information to drive your business. CS:Backup enables you to connect existing analytics tools and enable complex reporting. CS:Backup keeps incremental data in sync with BI reporting.

Big data? Complex queries? No problem. We enable you to Be Expert at solving data issues that are difficult within Salesforce.

Data Warehouse

Use backups to create and refresh your data warehouse. Highly scalable for any sized business with one or more Salesforce Production instances.

Unlimited record retention. Set your own data synchronization and retention policy for critical records indefinitely.
Field history tracking. Choose to store record changes for any or all fields – no limit on the number of fields per object or the number of objects tracked.
Complete control. The databases are stored on-site or in a private cloud for security you control.

Be Confident in Full and Precision Restore

CS:Restore manages full or precision restore to Salesforce of backup data with full referential integrity of records and metadata. CS:Restore turns low cost sandbox instances into high value, data rich replication and restore targets for Business Continuity in production or developer environments.

Be prepared for any data emergency knowing backup and restore sources are proven and tested! Use CS:Backup to replicate into relational databases that can then be restored with CS:Restore into sandboxes for verification of data integrity including metadata and field obfuscation. Testing BCP at any scale can be easily facilitated to face emergencies with confidence.

Disaster Recovery

CS:Restore provides peace of mind by enabling restore of full-fidelity, high-frequency mirrored CS backups to sandboxes or production Salesforce Orgs. Standard and custom objects are included with options for full field history tracking and deleted record retention. Metadata is also retained and  automatically versioned. Precision makes restore more productive. Repair rather than Restore your data crisis, using a sandbox before writing to production. And manipulate data at the field level for specific records, by finding all occurrences of selected data within Salesforce and optionally replacing a value.

Sandbox Solutions

Easily load sandboxes and manage sandbox replication for developers with targeted production data. Meet the needs of large developer teams by facilitating secure, regulated and refreshed data moving into personalized sandboxes for development and testing. Records and relationships restored without utilizing a data loader! And, full obfuscation of regulated data is possible.

Migrate, Merge & Split

Expert tools for Migrate, Merge and Split Projects make CS:Restore the perfect option to utilize for Salesforce I:O type data movement. Record mapping, matching, and a tracker database saves hours of development time.

Data Enabled Training Solutions

Why waste development time loading training data? Save a standard configurations, and automate data loads for training sandboxes whenever needed. Practice with real production and manage training data for field obfuscation and masking in regulated industries.

Be Enabled. Migrate, enhance and orchestrate data between instances.

There is an easier and faster way to migrate, merge and split data into and out of Salesforce organizations. CS:Backup and CS:Restore replicate the table structure and data from a Salesforce instance and brings the information into a relational database with full data-fidelity.

CS:Restore then enables you to refine and filter data to be inserted into a target Instance — restoring both records and relationships automatically. Metadata, custom objects, fields, and even code is preserved throughout the restore and load. No data loader needed!


Migrate data from one Salesforce instance to another with CS:Backup and CS:Restore. Record mapping and record matching rules assist with data transformation, and metadata can be precisely restored. Integrating data from a legacy or external system? Backup your Sf data structure, then transform the data to match within the destination. Incrementally restore records and relationships without needing data loader.


Consolidate data from two or more Salesforce instances within a single database. Compare metadata from multiple Production Orgs. Use multi-column record matching rules to ensure that no records are duplicated within the new Production instance. Record mapping rules simplify tasks such as transitioning users from one instance to another.


Separate one instance into several within a local relational database. Populate a Salesforce sandbox to test the Salesforce data restore prior to restoring records and relationships to Production. Save in a data warehouse for a complete record of the old Production Organization’s data and structure.

Search & Transform

Finding and replacing specific data within Salesforce may seem simple, but it is a daunting task when you consider all of the locations in which a single item may be located. Consider an email address: a single address may be found within a contact record, multiple case comments, history tables, email messages, chatter threads, converted lead, etc. If you deal with regulated data, CS:Search can help improve data quality and reduce risks during migrations, merges and splits.


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