Empower Salesforce Data Governance and Security With CS:Govern

The importance of having strong risk management solutions has never been more crucial than it is now. That's where CS:Govern powered by CS:Enable comes in, an extension that takes Salesforce data governance to a whole new level. This innovative tool not only encrypts and masks data at rest but also provides granular control, which addresses governance challenges and empowers organizations with a scalable solution. Let's explore the features and functionalities that help make CS:Govern improve your businesses’ data security.
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The Power of CS:Govern: Encryption, Masking, and Granular Control

Salesforce is a powerful tool, but its strict usage and reporting limitations make it necessary to replicate data off-platform for analytics, sandbox seeding, and integrations. However, this off-platform replication can introduce risks as the access controls enforced in Salesforce no longer apply. To tackle this problem, CS:Govern comes as a scalable solution that offers encryption, masking, and access control to protect sensitive data elements at rest. It acts as a bridge between increased data access and usability while maintaining granular control to prevent sensitive data leaks.

CS:Govern allows organizations to encrypt and mask data within a backup database, while seamlessly replicating the same controls configured in Salesforce using Shield. This means that sensitive data can be protected at rest, and the same level of security can be maintained in the backup database as well. 

What sets CS:Govern apart from other extensions is its precise control over encrypted fields. This feature allows non-privileged users to access masked data without the inherent risks of exposing sensitive information. With CS:Govern, the user can be confident that the information they are viewing is the data they are authorized to see. 

Moreover, the extension offers a strategic solution to address governance issues. It enables organizations to manage data privacy and security concerns while ensuring that non-private data within the same dataset is readily available for analytics and business intelligence purposes. With CS:Govern, organizations can take control of their data and create a secure environment that enables them to take full advantage of their data resources.

How CS:Govern Works: A Strategic Approach to Data Governance & Compliance

The dynamic processes of policy creation, data segmentation, and rule enforcement are handled with finesse by CS:Govern. It provides a structured approach:

  • Replicate Salesforce to compliant repositories – Make a copy of Salesforce data to compliant repositories, securely storing it to ensure data security.
  • Copy and apply Field rules – Ensure consistent data protection by copying sensitive Salesforce field rules to your local database.
  • Build additional data classes – Build out additional data classes and segment different data types, providing flexibility and customization.
  • Apply masking rules and encryption – Apply masking rules, supporting Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) encryption, for an added layer of security.
  • Grant/restrict access – Manage access by granting or restricting access to consumers of Salesforce data, ensuring data privacy.
  • Dynamic policy updates – Update data classes, masking rules, and user access as policies change, seamlessly applying new policies to legacy data.

CS:Govern Use Cases: Redefining Possibilities in Data Management

CS:Govern is a versatile tool that unlocks lots of possibilities in data management. Here are some real-world applications of CS:Govern, and how it can transform risk management and security:

Analytics: Managing Risk While Empowering Insights

Analytics teams crave data, yet managing associated risks is crucial. CS:Govern enables businesses to strike a balance, allowing analytics teams to work with sensitive customer data while safeguarding PII and other critical details.

Sandbox Seeding: Empowering DevOps for Controlled Environments

Empowering DevOps and contracted teams, CS:Govern provides a method to seed Salesforce sandboxes. It goes beyond, ensuring tightly controlled risk around sensitive data that flows into lower environments. The result? DevOps efficiency without compromising on security.

Search: Instantaneous Searches with Unmatched Security

Searching Salesforce data should be instantaneous, but unauthorized visibility into key data points poses a risk. CS:Govern solves this issue, enabling quick searches while preventing unauthorized access – a perfect harmony between speed and security.

Ransomware Protection: Creating a Mirror with Granular Security

Ransomware threats are real, and CS:Govern acts as a shield to protect your data. By creating a mirror of SFDC in local databases with granular security controls, businesses fortify their defenses, limiting data access and minimizing the impact of potential attacks.

Safer Integration: Controlling User Access to Mitigate Risks

Allowing access to Salesforce data inherently carries risks. CS:Govern steps in, ensuring that sensitive data is protected by controlling user access. Businesses can integrate confidently, knowing that their data is secure from prying eyes.

Users can choose and save masking rules for encrypted Salesforce data.

Stay Secure, Compliant, and In Control With CS:Govern

CS:Govern is an innovative extension for Salesforce data governance. It offers advanced features and a strategic approach to policy management and data protection, making it an essential tool for organizations dealing with complex data security, compliance, and usability issues. 

If you have a CS:Enable package and are interested in learning more about the CS:Govern extension, or evaluating Salesforce data governance and compliance solutions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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