Feedback from the Salesforce AppExchange

I have been enjoying this software immensely as a simple tool for replicating our Salesforce data alongside our locally-stored CRM data, for warehousing and reporting purposes. Easy to use, well-supported, and reliable. We had a snag with our licensing, but their CEO reached out personally to get things resolved efficiently and fairly. She turned a sour situation into a positive, which is pleasantly surprising these days.

After reviewing several very expensive options on the market, we chose copystorm for our replication to SQL solution. We have it running on a schedule and use it for both data backup and also for complex reporting from an SSRS solution where we need information from multiple objects pulled onto a single report. This was also a great method of querying contact and lead email addresses and find duplicates under different accounts to merge together. We run this multiple time a day as a scheduled task and in 8 months have yet to have a single failure. The price can’t be beaten, support and setup amazing and easy, runs flawlessly and has expanded our reporting capabilities exponentially.

We’ve used CopyStorm and CapStorm products over the course of the last year or so. I’m satisfied with the level of support I receive from the CapStorm crew, and as a former operations engineer appreciate the fact that I can “set it and forget it” when it comes to CopyStorm. We run CopyStorm as part of a daily batch job and I’ve forgotten it was there because we’ve had no issues and it’s required no intervention. It’s a very resilient product that gets the job done. *Update: Our team has been using Capstorms CopyStorm products for a couple years and their customer service has been exceptional. Upgrading my original 4 stars to 5.

We have enjoyed using copystorm as our SF data backup solution. It was very easy to set up and the tech support team is very helpful. Strongly recommend.

We’re using CopyStorm to back up our Salesforce org to an MS SQL database. We can now use standard SQL tools to query the data and write reports. Set-up was quick and easy.

We have been using CapStorm products (both Copystorm and Copystorm restore) for more than a year now, it allowed us to jump-start our digital transformation allowing to have the data in a fast and secure way ready to be used for the integration with our backend systems, the product is very stable and enterprise-ready, it allows us to sync huge number of records very fast and in seconds in a near real-time integration approach, the support team are always ready to provide help and advice, with their help we were able to bypass many salesforce limitations like the history tracking, it made the data correction and updates much more easier with the restore product.

We needed a tool to backup our Salesforce org and refresh some of our sandboxes. Some of the competition was prohibitively expensive. Capstorm’s Copystorm and CopystormRestore work perfectly. We’re now backing up our SF data locally and using that local copy for reporting. Their support both during the POC and post purchase has been outstanding.

I’ve had the privilege to use both CopyStorm and CopyStorm/Restore on multiple data migrations that were high volume and/or complex. I now can’t imagine doing a data migration without these tools. Both tools are feature-rich and really do allow you to “set it and forget it”. The automation, tunability, and ease of use provided by CopyStorm/Restore in particular is mind-blowing. Besides being solid software, the team at CapStorm is top notch. Can’t recommend Capstorm’s tools enough!

I’ve used CopyStorm and CopyStorm Medic over the last couple years. The product took minutes to set up and allowed us to have a copy of the Salesforce database, allowing us to report on our data in ways that was restricted by Salesforce reports. This also allowed us to keep a more complete history (especially around deletions) with our business. When there are hiccups with the network, it’s easy to get back on track as the syncs will pick up where they left off at. We’ve even automated the process so it copies to the database every 15 minutes (I think we’ve done it as often as every 5 or 10 minutes) so the data is near real time to what is shown in Salesforce. When we have run into issues, the support we’ve received from CapStorm has been prompt and courteous and they’re always listening to feedback from us.

We made a decision to move our reporting platform to Tableau due to limitations of Salesforce reporting and dashboards around trending and combining multiple datasets. While Tableau has a native Salesforce connector we quickly found this to be limited and clunky. We went looking for a solution to extract data our of Salesforce into a database to present Tableau. We found Copystorm and the solution is everything I hoped for and more. We were able to get it up and running with very little effort unlocking the true power of our data. You can tell the CopyStorm product was built with passion and engineered to perform. We went from daily exports to more real-time exports running every 30 minutes and with the performance of the product it has no problems keeping up. In addition to the product, the Sales and Support team have been extremely responsive and great to work with. I finally feel like I have control of our Salesforce data and I couldn’t be happier with this investment, it has been a huge win!

While the reporting tools available within the Salesforce environment are great for every day basic use, they are very limiting in terms of the complexity of queries. CopyStorm solves this problem quickly, by providing a replicated copy in a relational database which is familiar to anybody with SQL skills. Whether you’re looking for deeper reporting or extracting data for use by external systems/tools/processes, CopyForce is a great tool to get the job done with minimal overhead to get up-and-running. What I’ve been most impressed with is the support provided by the CapStrom team. Say goodbye to being placed in a support queue with cookie cutter responses – CapStrom actually has staff who understand technical problems and provide specific solutions. They’re also proactive in reaching out to make sure you’re getting the most out of any updated features or functions. With other vendors, this level of customer support usually costs more than the price of the CopyStorm product.

We are government contractors and needed a solution that can meet our compliance obligations. We looked at a few different options and CapStorm was the only option that would let us self-host (which means our data is backed up without ever leaving the GovCloud.) Since we self-host, our demand for initial setup and support is higher and more complex than most – the CapStorm team has always risen to the occasion. I recommend this team and product for a lower cost, secure solution for backup and disaster recovery.

I have used CopyStorm for a little over 4 years. The product is perfect for backing up SalesForce data easily and frequently. I do a complete backup every hour and and an incremental most used objects every 3 minutes. SQL queries help me easily weed out inconsistent data. There is nothing I need to manage with CopyStorm. Every field that gets created automatically is added by CopyStorm on the backup. CopyStorm has saved me countless hours of work.

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