Enabling Executive Decisions by AWS Data Integration

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The business needed a way to seamlessly integrate Salesforce data with a BI solution. Multiple vendors offered solutions that claimed to perform Salesforce data extraction, but the performance was slow and the data repository was either CSV-based or in a database that would not dynamically mirror Salesforce data structure changes. Even the vendor’s own Salesforce connector had row limitations that prevented the business from gaining the desired data insights. As an additional complexity, the business did not want to add any internal infrastructure, instead preferring to increase their AWS RDS utilization.


CapStorm runs in AWS, replicating Salesforce data twice daily into an AWS PostgreSQL database and the database are connected directly to the BI solution. The solution only requires manual intervention for period software upgrades and has provided a seamless integration for over two years. The database is automatically updated as Salesforce schema changes, enabling seamless integration for newly installed packages or custom development.


The business gained data insights on Salesforce data outside of the limitations of the native Salesforce report writers while leveraging existing infrastructure. These insights empower executive decision-making across all systems, with data integrated into the organization’s data fabric twice each day.

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