Top 10 City in the United States

Streamlines reporting with Salesforce data resident behind their firewall

This city hosts the headquarters of many of the world’s largest companies and is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. The constant drive for streamlined technology brought the city to Salesforce, and utilization of Salesforce solutions continues to increase each year. CapStorm’s partnership supports much of the city’s reporting in order to achieve near real-time Salesforce data insights.

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Solutions for Salesforce data extract did not seamlessly handle high data volumes or changes to Salesforce structure.

Multiple key Salesforce production organizations support various divisions of this city government. Each Salesforce was structured differently, tailored to the division’s requirements. Data volumes grew rapidly with the introduction of a 311 Citizen service request portal, support for code compliance, and utilization by city management. The data volume and multi-org architecture make the built-in report writers inefficient and cumbersome. Native CSV Salesforce data extract outputs were time consuming and created a data format that was difficult to use. CapStorm enabled near real-time analytics while also adding a layer of data protection to ensure business continuity.


  1. High Frequency Extract

    Salesforce data from each Production organization is extracted incrementally to the city’s relational databases in increments as frequent as every 5 minutes. Multiple extraction configurations can be maintained, ensuring that key data is replicated on the city’s defined frequencies, while less critical data is replicated on a slower cadence. The incremental Salesforce data extract uses a minimal number of Salesforce API calls as only the delta data changes are copied.  

  2. Salesforce Data Integration

    Each replication copies new and modified Salesforce records along with any structure changes that occurred since the last data extract. This dynamic structure replication includes new Salesforce objects, fields, packages – along with the data. Since the schema is a 1:1 match with Salesforce, the databases create a seamless feed of data into the city’s data lake, to Tableau for data visualization, and to a citizen facing portal.

  3. On-Premise Data Protection

    Each database sits behind the city’s firewall on their own infrastructure. The city maintains control over data access and utilization with total discretion over what Salesforce data is backed up and at what frequency. Each Salesforce data replica also acts as dynamic ransomware protection, ensuring that the city can continue operations in the unlikely event of a Salesforce data breach.


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Streamlined reporting with right time, right place data from multiple Salesforce Organizations.

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Dependable stability with set-it-and-forget-it solutioning that automatically mirrors Salesforce schema changes.

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Increased security with on-premises data replication and controlled data access.

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