Predictive Analytics by near real-time Salesforce Data Export

Technology Subsidiary of a Top 5 Stock Exchange


This organization provides investment data insights to worldwide businesses and investors as the key technology subsidiary of a top 5 stock exchange. Salesforce holds key B2B sales data, and the business also uses a secondary SaaS offering along with a separate billing system. Integrating these three key systems is a challenge, and the security team would like to proactively monitor for abnormal user behavior and data trends across each data silo.


CapStorm incrementally replicates key Salesforce objects every 5 minutes into the organization’s SQLServer database, for a near real-time Salesforce data export to the company’s own data center. This data is fed to analytics applications for near-real time analysis and data trend reporting. Other Salesforce objects are synched once a day for data fabric integration in order to dynamically report across all systems. CapStorm also automatically updates the Salesforce schema export whenever Salesforce’s structure changes, creating a dynamic mirror image of Salesforce at all times.


The organization minimized risk while increasing audit capabilities with the ability to automatically detect unusual user activity in near-real time. This also allowed the business to monitor data trends over time across multiple systems for predictive analytics. Data fabric integration was also achieved, with advanced cross-environment reporting, effectively eliminating all enterprise data silos with near real-time data access.

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