Predictive Analytics by near real-time Salesforce Data Export

Technology Subsidiary of a Top 5 Stock Exchange

Eliminates data silos while achieving cross-environment reporting

This two decades old company operates out of the Southern United States and supports market intelligence and investment analytics for one of the largest stock exchanges in the world. This enterprise also offers a solution on the Salesforce AppExchange that provides data access within the Force platform in order to improve institutional sales prospecting and lead qualification. CapStorm enables the business to increase internal data insights by seamlessly integrating Salesforce data into the enterprise data fabric in near real-time.

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This organization provides investment data insights to worldwide businesses and investors as the key technology subsidiary of a top 5 stock exchange.

Salesforce is used to support B2B Sales and Support, but the business uses a separate billing system and analytics solution that must be seamlessly integrated with the data generated by the sales team. In addition to near real-time data integration, the increasing risk of a ransomware attack has the security team nervous that there is not a way to proactively monitor each system for abnormal user behavior and data trends.


  1. Secure Data Extract

    Data is replicated incrementally from Salesforce into the enterprises’ relational database hosted on AWS. This replication is scheduled every 5 minutes in order to keep the database in close step with the live production Salesforce. Dynamic schema updates ensure that the database is updated automatically whenever Salesforce structure changes.

  2. Data Integration

    This AWS data is then pushed to analytics applications for near real-time visualization and trend reporting. Data is also integrated into the wider data fabric in order to enable data reporting across all internal systems including the required link between billing and sales.

  3. Enterprise Protection

    This Salesforce replication and integration enables the security team to monitor event history and user activity with near real-time precision. Unlimited data retention empowers the business to maintain a long view of activities, bypassing the Salesforce limitations on historical trend reporting.

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Advanced cross-environment reporting effectively eliminated all enterprise data silos will near real-time data updates.

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The organization minimized risk while increasing audit capabilities with the ability to automatically detect unusual user activity in near-real time.

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Data trends can now be monitored over time across all key systems to generate predictive analytics, increasing the enterprise value of the organization and forecasting precision.

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