What is CopyStorm? Your Path to True Salesforce Data Ownership

I’ll work my way to “What is CopyStorm” but what I want to start with is: Most of our customers can achieve 3-5 minute replication windows for analytics and reporting purposes in near real-time.
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When it comes to managing your business’s critical data, Salesforce is the clear leader, enabling companies to manage customer relationships with ease. Yet, as powerful and reliable as Salesforce is, no system is entirely immune to potential data loss or outages. When you’re relying solely on Salesforce’s default data protection measures and neglect the importance of a self-hosted backup solution, you’re inadvertently navigating treacherous waters without a safety net. 

That’s where CapStorm’s CopyStorm solution comes in. It acts as your protector, helping to ensure your Salesforce data remains verifiable and accessible even in the face of unforeseen disasters or mishaps. But you may still be asking yourself, “What is CopyStorm?” Well, here’s your chance to find out.

CopyStorm is Your Problem Solver

Problem #1: Managing Massive Amounts of Sensitive Data  

For one of our customers, the problem is how to manage and anonymize massive amounts of sensitive data on-prem while making it available at high frequency for advanced analytics and machine learning. They need all this, and they need it without a big investment in engineering time on their side.

The Solution: CapStorm provides a solution called CopyStorm and an extension named CS: Govern. CopyStorm is highly flexible and, along with CS:Govern, allows replication of Salesforce data off-platform, which includes the extension of Salesforce shield rules for data classification purposes to their on-prem database. All of this happens at the spe

Problem solved – new problem, please.

Problem #2: Leveraging Amazon Redshift Analytics Tools

Another customer faced the challenge of wanting to leverage Amazon Redshift’s powerful analytics tools on their Salesforce data. However, achieving this required a complex and time-consuming process, which lacked schema resiliency. Despite overcoming various roadblocks, the solution would only work temporarily, provided no changes were made to Salesforce objects or fields. But let’s be honest, organizations often make changes to their Salesforce objects or fields.

The Solution: CopyStorm works seamlessly with Amazon Redshift to move your data directly from Salesforce to Redshift, including a schema-resilient approach that will handle changes to metadata as part of its normal process. Maintenance concerns are mitigated, and the data is available to some of the most powerful analytics tools in the industry without the costs and hassle of additional ETL. The data is already where they need it. Again, the data is available in 3-5 minute replication windows.

Now, it’s time to tackle another problem.

Problem #3: Establishing a Data Resilient Backup Solution for DRBCP

The third customer wanted a data or schema resilient, backup for Salesforce Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning, and they wanted to spend very little time managing it. 

The Solution: This customer told me that they had been responsible for the daily backup using CopyStorm for 18 months, and there was a secret they didn’t want anyone to know. Their predecessor had set up the CopyStorm application in a virtual environment somewhere on-prem, and they didn’t actually know where it was. For 18 months, they were able to see that the hourly backup was working correctly by checking the database, but the application had been doing its backup work without a hiccup or any human intervention for 18 months.

No Problem…

Gain True Data Ownership With CopyStorm

Simply put, CopyStorm is the best pathway to owning your Salesforce Data.

Whether it’s for analytics, integrations, compliance, or backups, CopyStorm is the solution you need. After all, your data is yours; you should use it to drive value for your business beyond the existing value of the data in Salesforce. With CopyStorm, your Salesforce data stays within your database, behind your firewall, providing the ultimate data protection. 

CopyStorm helps organizations ensure the availability and integrity of their Salesforce data and provides a way to create offline backups for disaster recovery and compliance purposes.

And here at CapStorm, we provide you confidence, capability, and control over your data. Talk to one of our experts to learn more.

Ben Melton

Ben Melton

Ben Melton is the Senior Product Manager at CapStorm. He is a 3x Salesforce Certified/Certified Mulesoft Developer who works with CapStorm's customers to drive value and results for their teams.

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