Data Warehousing: Replication from Salesforce to Redshift

Global Pharmaceutical Leader

Achieves near real-time data flow from Salesforce to Redshift

This Fortune 500-ranked pharmaceutical leader has a long history of leveraging cutting-edge technology to advance human health. Salesforce is a key platform utilized by the business with multiple Salesforce production organizations segmented by geographic and therapeutic area. These Salesforce orgs are highly customized, leveraging multiple 3rd party packages, including Veeva. CapStorm enabled near real-time replication of Salesforce records to Redshift as part of the organization’s master data management strategy.


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The enterprise needed a way to replicate a 150+ million record data set to Redshift incrementally.

The pharmaceutical enterprise needed to integrate Salesforce data to Redshift with a method that enabled incremental, high-frequency data extracts to help keep Redshift in close step with the current state of data in Salesforce. Other connectors could not handle the data size and frequent data schema changes, and the enterprise wanted a solution with a set-it-and-forget-it design. As an additional complexity, the nature of the business meant that the data contained in Salesforce was highly sensitive, so the ideal solution would keep data fully under the enterprise’s control for compliance purposes.


    1. Incremental Salesforce Data Replication

      With data volumes of over 150 million, coupled with a high number of daily data changes, the CopyStorm application by CapStorm powered a high-frequency Salesforce data extract by only picking up incremental data changes. Of course, the business could elect to do a full extract at any point in time, but a full data extract took too much time. As a result of replicating only added or modified records, the business achieved a near real-time replication of Salesforce data into AWS Redshift and downstream analytics applications.

    2. Automatic Schema Replication

      The company’s Salesforce organization structure frequently changed to keep up with business needs. CopyStorm automatically picked up new objects, fields, or packages and replicated them to Redshift. These schema changes did not require manual adjustment of the application or database!

    3. Secured Data Storage

      The enterprise installed CapStorm’s CopyStorm application within their AWS EC2 instance, enabling data to flow directly from Salesforce to Redshift. As a result, the enterprise maintained total control over the data extracts and, thus, mitigated risk by keeping the data flow behind the organization’s firewalls. In addition, the enterprise replaced a more costly 3rd party solution with CapStorm’s no-view architecture.


Added value by providing data insights at the right place and right time.

Mitigated risk by keeping data under the enterprise's control.

Decreased cost by leveraging CapStorm's no-view software.

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