Beat Salesforce Data Bloat With Off-Platform Archives

As your organization drives to thrive, the data volumes generated within Salesforce can significantly limit your ability to move toward your north star directionally. The need for an efficient and cost-effective off-platform Salesforce backup becomes a critical component to unleashing the power of that data; this is where an off-platform Salesforce data archive solution becomes a strategic initiative in future-proofing your off-platform backup strategy.
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Say Goodbye to Expensive Salesforce Data Storage Costs

One of the most compelling reasons to consider off-platform Salesforce backup is the significant cost savings of avoiding expensive internal storage. Salesforce imposes storage limits and charges for additional space, and as your data grows, so does the financial burden. Data archive solutions offer an alternative by providing a secure repository for historical data, freeing up valuable internal storage within Salesforce. This helps manage costs effectively and ensures that your organization can continue to grow without the constant worry of exceeding storage limits.

Retaining Accessibility: View Your Data As If It Were In Salesforce

The fear of losing accessibility to archived data is a common concern when considering off-platform backup solutions. However, modern data archive solutions are designed to address this apprehension. With the proper archive solution, you can seamlessly view your archived data as if it were still within Salesforce. This ensures that historical information remains easily accessible whenever needed, fostering data-driven decision-making and maintaining a comprehensive view of your customer interactions over time.

Empowering Integrations with Other Applications

Archiving data off-platform does not mean severing ties with its usefulness. It opens up new possibilities for leveraging that data across various applications. Salesforce data archive solutions have robust integration capabilities, enabling you to connect your archived Salesforce data with other business-critical applications seamlessly. Whether it is analytics tools, marketing platforms, or custom applications, the archived data becomes a valuable resource that continues to contribute to your organization’s overall efficiency and effectiveness.

As your organization evolves, so do the complexities surrounding data management. Off-platform Salesforce backup with data archive solutions offers a forward-thinking approach to data strategy. By adopting a solution that preserves historical data and makes it accessible and verifiable, you’re future-proofing your organization against the challenges of data growth, compliance requirements, and technological advancements. Embracing a Salesforce data archive solution is not just a wise business decision; it’s a strategic move toward ensuring long-term success and agility in the business landscape.

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Video Transcription:

Welcome to Radical Transparency. My name is Ted Pappas, and in this video series, we’ll talk about how having an off-platform Salesforce backup is critical to your business.

And we’ll follow the pillar of equal education with Salesforce. My goal in this series is really simple. It’s to make sure that everyone in the Salesforce community is equally educated with the art of possible for Salesforce backup off platform.

 And today we’re going to talk about a pretty simple business problem that really isn’t that simple. So you have this CRM called Salesforce, you are beginning to realize data bloat – aggregated data that is unexpected. It’s performing, not as it was when you first got it. You’ve got latency issues as part of the data book. And you’re about to level up in storage. 

But here’s the real problem. Most of the files, most of the data in that data model is non-critical data. I talked about files just a second ago. I’ll tell you again: bottles are typically non-critical data in Salesforce. But they represent massive amounts of storage vault volumes or potentially massive amounts of storage volume. So you’ve got a CRM, you’ve got latency issues, you’re about to have to level up and storage. And the files or the data and the data model are not critical. 

So now let’s talk about an answer. Taking the data from the platform and simply moving it to a relational database behind your firewall. So you take the data from platform, purge the data from Salesforce, you can move it to cheaper storage, whether it’s database storage, or S3, or Glacier on AWS, you can move it to cheaper storage, you still have the ability to view the data external to Salesforce, you can actually still view the data internal to Salesforce. 

And you do all this without giving up access, or controls, or the ability to restore the data from the supplier, you have data autonomy. 

So I’m going to run through this really simple again: copy from Salesforce, delete from Salesforce, analyze, manage, and restore yourself. Eliminates data bloat eliminate storage costs; it’s simply called Data Archive. 

Again, my name is Ted Pappas. I’m the CEO of CapStorm. Please visit us at Please find me on Wait a minute, not, the LinkedIn app. Thank you very much for watching Radical Transparency. I hope you come back next Thursday. Thank you very much.

Ted Pappas

Ted Pappas

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