Governance and Compliance of Off-Platform Salesforce Data

Data has become the currency for managing customer relationships, and Salesforce has emerged as an indispensable platform to handle all business activities. As companies rely more on Salesforce for storing sensitive and regulated information, the importance of governance, risk, and compliance measures has become a critical path item for most executives.
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In this week’s episode, we’ll explore the benefits of having a Salesforce backup off-platform and how it contributes to enhanced governance. Specifically, we’ll outline the three key use cases that make this a strategic imperative: field-level encryption, policy management in the face of location changes, and user access controls:

Encryption: Safeguarding Sensitive Data At Rest

One of the primary concerns for organizations handling customer data is ensuring its security and compliance with privacy regulations. Salesforce offers in-platform features (notably Salesforce Shield), but an off-platform backup adds an extra layer of protection through field-level encryption, as Shield rules do not transfer outside the platform. This means that sensitive information out of the platform, such as personally identifiable information (PII) or financial details, remains encrypted even when exported or backed up.

By incorporating field-level encryption into your off-platform backup strategy, you not only comply with data protection regulations but also demonstrate a commitment to safeguarding your customers’ confidential information. This added security measure contributes significantly to overall governance by mitigating the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access.

New Policy Management Amid Location Changes

Business is global, and, companies often experience changes in their geographical presence; both physical and digital. Whether it’s expanding to new markets or consolidating operations, these shifts can have implications for data governance. Off-platform Salesforce backup allows organizations to seamlessly adapt their data management policies to align with changing geographical requirements.

For instance, different regions may have distinct data protection laws and compliance standards. With an off-platform backup solution, businesses can implement and enforce new policies tailored to specific geographies without disrupting day-to-day operations. This adaptability ensures that governance remains effective and compliant, regardless of the organization’s footprint on the map.

User Access Controls: Striking the Right Balance

Effective governance involves preventing unauthorized or inappropriate use of data. Off-platform backups play a crucial role in this by offering enhanced user access controls when an off-platform data model is distributed or used for multiple purposes as part of data warehousing or integrations. 

With an off-platform replica of the Salesforce data, organizations gain granular control over who can access and manipulate the backed-up data. By managing user access controls effectively, businesses can ensure that only authorized personnel have the appropriate level of access to sensitive information, contributing to a more secure and well-governed off-platform Salesforce environment.

Adopting an off-platform Salesforce backup strategy is a strategic imperative for organizations seeking to improve their governance measures. Through field-level encryption, adaptable policy management in response to geography changes, and enhanced user access controls, businesses can enhance their data governance framework, ensuring the integrity, security, and compliance of their Salesforce data.

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Video Transcription:

Welcome to Radical Transparency. My name is Ted Pappas, and in this video series, we’ll talk about why having an off-platform copy of your Salesforce data is critical to your business.

And we’ll follow the Salesforce pillar of equal education. My goal in this video series is very simple. It’s to make sure that everyone in the Salesforce community is equally educated with the art of possible for Salesforce data off-platform. 

And today we’ll talk about the three most important use cases to consider with data governance and compliance with Salesforce data off-platform. 

And the first one is encryption of data at rest in a localized database when the data comes out of Salesforce, we’ve mentioned this before Salesforce Shield in-platform is fantastic. The problem is Salesforce Shield rules don’t apply for data out of platform. So the first thing to consider with governance and compliance for Salesforce data, off-platform is how do you encrypt the data at rest. 

The second is that the data is at rest, and it changes locations, whether it’s a geographical location, or whether it’s just a jurisdictional change, as an example would be from GDPR to CCPA as an example, you need to consider how to create and maintain and enforce new policies for that data model when the geography or the jurisdiction changes. 

And the third is when the data model changes, locations again, as an example, it introduces an entire new set of concerns for user access controls. So in your bucket of strategic initiatives around governance and compliance for Salesforce data off-platform, the top three things to consider – field level encryption or the extension of Salesforce shield, net new policies, how do you create and maintain those policies? And the third is user accessing controls for the new users when the data changes jurisdictions. 

Again, my name is Ted Pappas. I’m the CEO of CapStorm, please visit us at, find me on LinkedIn.

I look forward to seeing you next Thursday. Thank you for watching this video blog of Radical Transparency. And thank you very much.

Ted Pappas

Ted Pappas

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