Increase the Flexibility of Data Migrations During Database Dissemination

Data migration plays a crucial role in optimizing an organization’s Salesforce environment. Whether data is being funneled in, or extracted out of Salesforce instances, it’s important to be precise and vigilant during this process.
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What is Salesforce Data Migration?

Data migration in Salesforce is the process of transferring data from a Salesforce instance to a Database, Data Warehouses, or other applications for purposes ranging from analytics, integrations, compliance, archival, or other use cases. The utilization of data migration allows users to clean/optimize data in the organization, identify master records, or enable disparate systems to exchange data bi-directionally. Although this migration process may seem like a quick copy-paste job, as a Salesforce architect, you may need help to perform correctly in real-world scenarios. Many factors can play a role in the difficulty of executing this task. Larger organizations, with data volumes ranging from terabytes or petabytes, will take more time to ensure the data’s validity. These organizations are also more likely to have complex data associations. Depending on the purpose of the data migration, downstream processes may (and often do) require the relationships/associations between Salesforce objects to be maintained.

Your organization will often utilize data migration tools to transfer data from one Salesforce instance to another or between Salesforce and other applications. The high-level goal of this procedure is to access or integrate the same datasets in a new location – whether it’s another Salesforce instance or a data analytics tool, for example. The consistency and reliability of the migration process are crucial, as an incomplete transfer of data can lead to lost information, which will impede the functionality of the new platform and compromise the integrity of the resulting data repository. In addition, maintaining relationships in inherently complex Salesforce data is crucial throughout data migration.

Database Dissemination Offers Insight Into Your Business

Database dissemination is distributing or transferring data to users or other applications, often for statistical data analysis. Leadership at your business will use this analysis to retrieve real-time insights about all aspects of their organizations – marketing, sales, finance, R&D, and more. To perform this analysis, companies utilize Data Analytics tools such as Azure, PowerBI, and Qlik Sense, which rely on traditional database systems to store the data. For example, a company using PowerBI for data visualization has a SQL database that persistently stores visualized data. This setup describes a common database dissemination scenario – source data (stored in SQL) is given to an application (PowerBI) for analysis.

If your company were to perform widespread analysis on its Salesforce organization, the data must be in an easily distributable location – often a traditional database system. While Salesforce offers essential tools for data exporting, they do not provide a clear path to migrate the exported data into a conventional database. Although Salesforce does provide mechanisms for in-organization data analysis, these tools don’t come close to the abilities of standalone data analytics tools; they lack the ability of conglomerate organization analysis altogether. Many businesses require data analysis across multiple Salesforce organizations or various lines of business. Most Salesforce data migration tools cannot move the data to a location where this type of analysis is feasible. This issue highlights a significant use case for a Salesforce data migration solution – moving information from multiple Salesforce organizations to a traditional central database. 

CS:Enable is the Salesforce Data Migration Solution for Database Dissemination

With CapStorm’s CS:Enable, your organization can quickly and effectively migrate its Salesforce data to a place easily distributable, all while minimizing the risk of disrupting mission-critical operations and breaking dependent downstream processes. CS:Enable is a Salesforce data migration solution engineered to replicate data from a Salesforce organization to traditional self-hosted or cloud-based relational databases such as SQL Server, Oracle, or PostgreSQL. 

To application users, this process is as simple as:

  • Selecting which objects and metadata to copy
  • Clicking a button

With one button click, your entire Salesforce organization can be incrementally replicated to a relational database within 3-5 minutes in real time. Moreover, CapStorm can copy multiple Salesforce organizations to the same database. As a result, CopyStorm – CapStorm’s Salesforce replication software – is the ideal Salesforce data migration application for moving data from a source instance to a repository that can quickly be disseminated to people or applications. And it does all this while maintaining the referential integrity of your data model!s. So, for example, CopyStorm could be configured to copy Salesforce data to the SQL Server database helping fuel PowerBI or to copy data to an Oracle database plugged into Qlik Sense. 

CopyStorm was designed with full data autonomy and governance in mind. With CopyStorm, users have complete control over where their data is stored, what is stored, and how much is copied. Whether the database is hosted on-prem or in a virtual private cloud, CopyStorm users own and have complete control over the target database.

Data Migration Has Never Been Easier

Business Analysts and Salesforce Architects should be excited about CS: Enable’s ability to migrate Salesforce data into a place where that data is quickly disseminated. CS:Enable provides a simple and secure way to copy Salesforce data into a relational database. With this solution at your disposal, the risk of incomplete or corrupted data (a frequent artifact of data migrations) is minimized – allowing your business to continue to analyze data with the accuracy required for operations to remain successful.

Jake Chandler

Jake Chandler

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