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Industry leading defense contractor supporting global governments

Accomplishes full Salesforce data management with near real-time data warehousing, disaster recovery, and data migration.

This enterprise is a strategic partner to over 100 countries around the globe, providing systems proven through successful mission operations, design services, and manufacturing. The company has over $10 billion in annual revenue supported by a robust technology stack – including a multi-org Salesforce implementation. These core Salesforce production environments support sales activity and contain sensitive data about the business’s multi-national work. The enterprise selected CapStorm as a Salesforce data management partner to achieve compliant Salesforce backup and recovery, create a near real-time data warehouse, and streamline a Salesforce Org migration.

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The organization needed a Salesforce data management solution that supported a wide range of use cases and also provided a high level of data security.

The enterprise operates in a highly regulated industry under compliance regulations imposed by 100+ countries. For these reasons, the business needed a solution to support Salesforce data management that would provide a high level of data security and data access controls. In addition to meeting compliance standards, their solution needed to provide near real-time Salesforce data integration along with Salesforce backup and recovery. The final complexity was an upcoming Salesforce migration project, requiring a robust restore solution that could move data and metadata from Org to Org.


    1. Incremental, High-Frequency Salesforce Data Backup

      The Salesforce data extracts powered by CapStorm’s CopyStorm application were incremental, meaning only new or changed records are copied. In addition, CapStorm enabled the scheduling of high-frequency extracts, powered by the incremental nature of the replication. This solution replicated the organization’s data and the underlying Salesforce structure and metadata. The high frequency of the backup ensured that the organization could restore Salesforce to a point-in-time within minutes of data corruption or data loss.

    2. Secured Data Storage

      All Salesforce data and metadata backups were stored in the organization’s data centers. CapStorm’s solution ensured this as no data flowed outside the firewall. CapStorm enabled the enterprise to manage the data in their database in two key ways:

      1). generate database views to expose specific data for analytics and integrations

      2). leverage the database(s) as staging environments to create an enterprise data warehouse comprised of data from all Salesforce orgs and other critical systems.

    3. Restore Salesforce Data Relationships & Metadata

      CapStorm’s CS:Enable solution supports data restores with hundreds of levels of data relationships. As part of the Salesforce Migration project, CS:Enable allowed for the migration of entire data hierarchies including records along with the corresponding record relationships, quickly moving the data from one Salesforce production organization to a new one. In addition, data restores could be tested in sandboxes before the production deployment and metadata migration was also supported. This process streamlined the migration and allowed the DevOps team to extensively prepare and test the restore process, resulting in proactive preparation in the case of a production data disaster.

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Reduced Risk with Compliant Salesforce Backup

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Improved Forecasting with Aggregated Near Real-Time Data

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Simplified Migration with Automated Data Relationship Management

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