Salesforce Data Sharing & Business Continuity
for a Utility Enterprise

Fortune 500 Telecommunications Enterprise

Increased data visibility while ensuring data protection

This international telecommunications company serves over 100 million subscribers, making this one of the nation’s largest enterprises. With billions in annual revenue, the enterprise supports businesses and consumers with industry-specific solutions for healthcare, retail, financial service, manufacturing, and more. Salesforce is the core CRM used by the company for both B2B and B2C sales, with a 10+ Salesforce production org implementation. In addition, CapStorm provides Salesforce data management for this enterprise, powering Salesforce backup and recovery, enterprise data sharing, sandbox seeding, metadata migration, and more.

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The enterprise needed a Salesforce data management solution to scale for high data volumes, provide data security, and support many Salesforce implementations.

The organization leverages 10+ Salesforce production orgs, each with a custom structure to support specific business requirements. Other Salesforce environments are also frequently added due to acquisitions and mergers. As a result, the enterprise needed a way to share data across the enterprise from each of these Salesforce implementations, protect Salesforce data with robust backups, and support development teams with sandbox seeding.


    1. Scalable Data Management

      Salesforce data, metadata, and structure are incrementally replicated to relational databases hosted on AWS. This design allows the business to scale infrastructure as other Salesforce Orgs are added quickly. In addition, the company’s Salesforce Center of Excellence (COE) found that reusable configurations, scripted processes, and automated Salesforce data backup verification simplified scaling.

    2. Self-Hosted Data Security

      All data was maintained within the enterprise’s relational databases, and CapStorm is a no-view provider, meaning that the business maintained full control over data access and use. This empowered the company to share data internally, streamlining analytics with near real-time integration of critical Salesforce data into the global data fabric. This security aspect was also crucial to ensure Salesforce backup and recovery, effectively ransomware protecting the business as a replica of Salesforce now existed outside of the platform.

    3. Flexible Solutioning for Multiple Use Cases

      CapStorm’s CS:Enable applications provided the level of flexibility that the business needed to support a wide range of Salesforce data management use cases. The solution’s core was simple – the applications supported extracting and restoring data and metadata to and from Salesforce. This powers multiple business needs centering around Salesforce ETL, including Salesforce backup & recovery, near real-time data integration, sandbox seeding, metadata migration, and Salesforce data archival.

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Increased data visibility with near real-time Salesforce data integration

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Reduced risk with a tested Salesforce business continuity plan.

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Added value with devops enablement, data archival, and customized retention.

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