Regional Bank Enhanced PPP Responsiveness and Community Impact

CapStorm Helps Regional Bank Maintain Secure and Accessible Customer Data

This regional bank has over 20 branches across three states. 

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As a regional bank relying on Salesforce for client information, maintaining secure and accessible customer data is critical.

The bank implemented Salesforce Shield to control data access but faced challenges in ensuring continuous data availability and smooth integration with other systems.

After a year of extensive research, the bank struggled to find a solution that met their needs for robust security, reliable access, and seamless integration. This underscored their need for a specialized partner to effectively manage their data, and they partnered with CapStorm to get this done.


    1. Incremental Backup

      CapStorm’s solution empowered the bank to manage and backup their Salesforce data incrementally while keeping all data behind their own firewall.

    2. Analytics

      By utilizing CapStorm, the regional bank gained seamless data flow into the bank’s data fabric, facilitating near-real-time analytics.

    3. Data Retention

      The regional bank gained unlimited data retention and advanced field history tracking.

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Salesforce data integration powered by CapStorm enabled the bank to swiftly support the 2020 Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and loan forgiveness applications. This rapid response was crucial in addressing the urgent needs of their clients.

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The bank was instrumental in keeping over 1,800 businesses open.

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By supporting thousands of employees across the Southwest, the bank has played a vital role in maintaining employment and financial stability in the region.

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