Mölnlycke: Data Integration to Snowflake

Medical Supplier with Customers in Over 100 Countries

Increases Data Visibility with Near Real-Time Replication to Snowflake.

Mölnlycke supplies medical professionals around the globe with the surgical protective equipment and wound care materials they need to perform day-to-day patient care. This organization has been headquartered in Sweden since 1849, with 14 manufacturing sites around the globe today. Salesforce with Veeva is a core system of record to support a large sales team and track pipeline engagement. CapStorm’s CS:Enable solution integrates this Sales data into the organization’s data fabric to help the business achieve a 360-degree customer view.


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The company wanted to leverage Snowflake to capture a full view of each customer, including data created in Salesforce.

Salesforce captured critical data about day-to-day sales interactions with potential and current customers that the organization needed to integrate into its data lake. In addition, Snowflake acted as a staging area for the business’s other systems. However, the various solutions the company used to move Salesforce data into Snowflake were unable to meet the enterprise’s need for a solution that supported the following:

  1.  High-frequency, rapidly captured data changes
  2. Scalable updates as Salesforce & Veeva’s structure changed


    1. Incremental Salesforce Data Extract

      Salesforce extracted data changes as a scheduled process, with each job picking up added or modified records. This incremental extract enabled high-frequency replication so that the Snowflake data lake could be in-step with the current state of each Salesforce Org.

    2. Incremental Schema Extract

      In addition to data, CapStorm’s CopyStorm application automatically mirrored Salesforce and Veeva’s schema as the data model evolved. The enterprise configured CopyStorm to automatically detect and replicate these Salesforce object and field changes, allowing it to bypass the need for manual intervention even as the business scaled.

    3. Flexibility and Security

      CapStorm replicated Salesforce data to Snowflake and SQL Server databases hosted on Azure. As a result, CapStorm’s CS:Enable solution provided the business flexibility and empowered them to keep data for multiple Salesforce Orgs integrated with all their core business systems in near real-time. This process also provided a way to incrementally capture data snapshots, providing a basis for point-in-time data recovery or long-range data analysis. In addition, the organization maintained complete control over data access and consumption with CapStorm’s self-hosted architecture.

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Revealed new insights based on near real-time data.

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Improved executive decision-making based on real data.

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Increased data security and access controls.

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