Securing Salesforce Data Off-Platform In Regulated Industries

For industries operating under cross-regulatory frameworks, such as healthcare, finance, or government sectors, relying on Salesforce's native capabilities is insufficient off-platform.
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To ensure compliance and bolster data security, having an off-platform copy of Salesforce data becomes not just beneficial but imperative. Here are three key reasons why this is essential for highly regulated environments.

Enhanced User Access Controls

Highly-regulated industries often require strict control over who can access sensitive data and what actions they can perform with it. Even though Salesforce has strong user access controls, such as role-based permissions and data-sharing settings, having a copy of the data off the Salesforce platform can help organizations add another layer of security and control.

With an off-platform copy, businesses can implement access controls that meet their specific regulatory requirements. This could involve using advanced encryption methods, multifactor authentication, or even blockchain technology to ensure that access logs are immutable. Organizations can reduce the risk of unauthorized data breaches or compliance violations by expanding access controls beyond Salesforce’s built-in features.

Cross-Regulation Protection

In highly regulated environments, companies are required to adhere to many compliance standards and regulations that may span multiple jurisdictions. Even though Salesforce may comply with certain data protection laws in one region, it may not meet the standards of other regions. By replicating data off-platform, businesses can ensure compliance with the strictest regulations applicable to their operations, irrespective of Salesforce’s native capabilities. This approach not only mitigates regulatory risks but also promotes trust among clients and regulatory authorities.

Extension of Salesforce Shield Rules to Off-Platform Data

Salesforce Shield provides a set of security and compliance features to cater to the needs of industries that are highly regulated. However, these capabilities are mostly restricted to data within the Salesforce platform. To extend Salesforce Shield rules to external data repositories, organizations can maintain an off-platform copy of Salesforce data.

This means that encryption, monitoring, and compliance controls enforced within Salesforce can be seamlessly replicated and enforced across off-platform copies. Whether stored in private clouds, on-premises servers, or third-party data centers, organizations can ensure consistent adherence to regulatory standards while leveraging Salesforce Shield’s full potential.

The decision to maintain an off-platform copy of Salesforce data is not a matter of preference but a strategic imperative for businesses operating in highly regulated environments. With user access controls, ensuring cross-regulation compliance, and extending Salesforce Shield rules to external data repositories, organizations can fortify their data security posture, foster regulatory trust, and confidently navigate the complex regulatory landscape.

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Video Transcription

Hello, my name is Ted Pappas, and welcome to Radical Transparency. In this video series, we’ll talk about why having an off-platform copy of your Salesforce data is critical to your business.

And we’ll follow the Salesforce pillar of equal education. My goal in this series is very simple. It’s to make sure that everyone in the Salesforce community is equally educated in the art of possible with a Salesforce backup off-platform. 

And last week, I talked about my experience at TDX, the developer conference for Salesforce, I was at TDX three weeks ago. If you haven’t seen last week’s episode, I talked about the three most important things I learned at TDX. 

But this week, I’m going to talk about the single most important thing I learned at TDX. So CapStorm, we had a booth, and on the banner of the booth, we had the tagline “ownership and control of your regulated Salesforce data.” And I will tell you, without exaggeration, greater than 75% of the people that came to our booth, pointed to the word regulated and said, “Tell me what regulated data means to CapStorm”. So we said in return “No, you tell me what regulated data means to your business. And then we’ll tell you what regulated data means to CapStorm.” 

And without question, almost every one of them said the same thing. We have concerns about Salesforce data that’s regulated in-platform because we can’t get ownership and control or what we call usefulness of the data in-platform. And we laughed, kind of joking back and said, Well, that’s the very definition of how we describe usefulness of data that’s regulated outside of platform. 

When it’s in-platform,  you adhere to the security conditions of the in-platform, product, whether it’s Salesforce or Mulesoftoft or Informatica or FiveTran or whomever it may be, with an off-copy backup of your Salesforce data behind your firewall. You’re now under the conditions of your internal security posture. 

But more importantly, you have the ability to obfuscate or encrypt data at rest or data as it moves through the Enterprise Data Fabric for usefulness for things like data warehousing, or enterprise reporting, that you just otherwise don’t have in-platform. So in a SaaS-first world, as I talked about last week, we as a self-hosted backup provider are also SaaS. First, we just know that SaaS is not the only answer. 

So if you want ownership and control of your regulated data, there is the art of possible where you don’t have to sacrifice one to get the other. 

Again, my name is Ted Pappas. I’m the CEO of CapStorm, please visit us at please find me on LinkedIn. Please come back next Tuesday, I’m sorry next Thursday. Thank you very much.

Ted Pappas

Ted Pappas

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