A Beginner’s Guide to Becoming a Salesforce Pro

Are you new to Salesforce and don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, I was in the same position less than a year ago. Spending my career in the back office of the technology industry, I knew about Salesforce, but to be honest, I had no idea how to use or what it was all about. But hey, who isn’t up for a new challenge?
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To start, what is Salesforce, and how do I use it?  Salesforce is a customer relationship platform. It has the ability to touch all factions of a business: Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, etc. It breaks down the organization’s operations and allows employees to have a single customer view of various departments – a 360-degree view. 


Trailhead is a Valuable Resource For All Things Salesforce

Ready to learn how to walk and talk like a Salesforce Pro? 

Start with Trailhead! It is the best place to learn about Salesforce from pros that have all the answers you’ll need. Have a question about a function? There is probably a Trailmix about it. It caters to all skill levels and job functions, including admins, architects, and developers. The training will help you prepare for taking Salesforce certifications, so you can further your knowledge and career opportunities.

A great place to start is Beginner’s Quest: Start Your Trailblazer Journey. It’s a great way to get acquainted with everyone involved in the community.

My personal favorite Trailmix was created by CapStorm’s very own Rebecca Gray. If you are new to Salesforce, I would recommend searching for the Trailmix, “Walk like an Admin, Talk like an Admin.”  This Trailmix not only helps you learn the lingo of a Salesforce Admin but lets you do hands-on work in a safe environment. 

The modules include topics on data modeling, data management, import and export with data management tools, and data security, just to name a few. 

Pretty soon after you start the Trailmix, you will be walking and talking like you are a part of the community. And who knows, maybe you’ll even practice a little data modeling and upload in a sandbox, even if it’s not your normal skill. 

The Trailhead homepage
Trailhead is a wonderful resource for anyone part of the Salesforce ecosystem.

The Trailblazer Community Is Here to Guide You

One of the best things about Salesforce is how supportive the entire ecosystem is. With the Trailblazer Community, anyone can ask questions, and people from all walks of life will come together to help answer them. And once you’ve built up your own experience, it’s easy to give back to the community by offering your own advice or answers to other users’ questions as well. 

As you become a part of the Salesforce ecosystem, I definitely recommend that anyone leading a Salesforce team find their nearest Trailblazer Community Group. They’re incredibly motivating and a great way to keep your skills sharp. They’re an awesome way to share your knowledge with the community at large.

There are Trailblazer Community Groups located all over the world, so check them out today!


Attend As Many Salesforce Events As You Can

As Sharon Steingruber, our alliance partner manager, said before, Salesforce is really good at throwing a party. One of the best ways to grow within the ecosystem is to attend as many of the events around the world as possible. There are events organized by Salesforce itself, such as Dreamforce and TrailblazerDX, and then there are community-led events, most often known as Dreamin’ Events. 

The events organized by Salesforce bring out a Who’s Who of the organization’s leadership, allowing you to gain valuable knowledge through keynote speeches, networking, and even fun happy hours. These tend to be larger in scale, and past events have even featured entertainment such as Bono and Jennifer Hudson. 

Local Trailblazer Community group leaders work hard on community-led events, with these Dreamin’ Events occurring all around the globe and throughout the year. You’ll have the chance to connect with local Salesforce users, listen to their stories, and see how they’ve come to utilize the platform best. 

No matter which type of events you decide to attend, the experience of interacting with the Salesforce community will give you insight and help you continue to grow.


Embrace the Salesforce Ecosystem for Growth and Learning Opportunities

Salesforce is on a level of its own. Very few platforms have created whole ecosystems and communities around their name. And Salesforce has a large one! Be sure to use and take advantage of everything it has to offer. Especially as a beginner in this whole new world.

So, if you are new to Salesforce, don’t worry! We have all been there, and the path to growth is never-ending. And I am right there with you! 

Sammy Kite

Sammy Kite

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