Data Security in Turbulent Times: Why CEOs Should Prioritize a Salesforce Backup Solution

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It’s no secret that safeguarding data has become the most crucial priority for executives. With a rise in the number of cyberattacks, data breaches, and unforeseen disturbances, companies must improve their business processes and strengthen their technological infrastructure to secure their most valuable asset – data.

As businesses continue to build on SaaS applications, Salesforce has become the world’s leading platform for customer relationship management (CRM) and business operations. As CEOs navigate through turbulent times, prioritizing a robust Salesforce backup solution is not just a best practice – it’s at the core of a business continuity plan

Salesforce has transformed the way businesses interact with customers and manage their operations. It provides visibility to customer profiles, sales data, marketing insights, and crucial communications across all aspects of the business. This data is the heartbeat of a company’s operations, providing insights that drive strategic decisions, improve customer experiences, and streamline internal processes. This data’s potential downtime, loss, or compromise could lead to financial losses, damaged reputation, and legal implications.

Turbulent times can manifest in various forms, whether economic downturns or, more recently, global pandemics. These disruptions impact business operations and create vulnerabilities in data security. Remote working has also increased online activity, causing higher rates and risk of cyberattacks. In the face of these challenges, CEOs must be proactive in protecting their organization’s Salesforce data.

Here’s Why CEOs Should Prioritize a Salesforce Backup Solution

Prioritizing a strong Salesforce backup solution is a strategic decision each business leader should make. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Resilience Against Data Loss: A comprehensive Salesforce backup solution ensures that your data is preserved no matter what happens, allowing you to restore it to a specific point in time before the incident occurred. This ensures business continuity and minimizes disruptions.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Depending on your industry, your company might be subject to data protection regulations such as GDPR or HIPAA. Having a reliable backup solution that can be accessed and verified helps meet compliance requirements by maintaining data integrity.
  • Cybersecurity and Ransomware Defense: Ransomware attacks have become increasingly sophisticated, encrypting valuable data and demanding ransom payments for its release. With a self-hosted backup solution, you can restore your Salesforce data without having to pay the ransom.
  • Quick Recovery: In turbulent times, the ability to recover swiftly is crucial. A Salesforce backup solution enables faster data restoration, minimizing downtime and ensuring your teams can continue working efficiently.
  • Data Integrity: A good backup solution doesn’t just store data; it maintains its integrity. This means that your backup data is consistent, accurate, and free from corruption, ensuring reliable insights and decision-making.
  • Long-Term Data Retention: Some data loss incidents might not become apparent immediately. A backup solution with long-term retention ensures that historical data is available for analysis, audits, and compliance even years after the fact.
  • Peace of Mind: Having a reliable backup solution in place offers CEOs peace of mind. It’s a proactive step that demonstrates your commitment to protecting the company’s assets, reputation, and customer trust.

In times of turbulence, CEOs must prioritize data security. Since Salesforce data is critical for business operations, it is essential to safeguard it against every possible risk. By protecting your Salesforce data, you protect not just information but your organization’s future.

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Video Transcription

Hello, my name is Ted Pappas and welcome to Radical Transparency. In this video series, I’ll talk about why Salesforce backup off-platform, that is both accessible and verifiable, is critical to your business.

This series will follow the Salesforce pillar of Equal Education with a simple goal: How do we get everybody in the Salesforce community, equally educated on the art of possible with Salesforce data off-platform, and in episode one, I’m going to talk about the obvious with Salesforce backups, and that is why they should be prioritized, and why they should be prioritized off-platform, not in-platform. 

The first is resilience and integrity of the data. Having a backup just makes logical business sense. But the integrity of the data off-platform with the ability to restore is by far the most important part of a backup. Having a backup for the sake of checking the backup box is irrelevant in the event of a disaster. But having the ability to restore it with full-fidelity and high levels of referential integrity, make the backup valuable to your business off-platform. 

The second is regulatory compliance. We hear from our highly regulated customers often, primarily in HLS, and financial services, and in PubSec and the Federal markets, that when data comes off platform, our customers lose the ability for the Salesforce Shield rules. So the cross-regulatory compliance considerations of the data at rest, just think about PII, and HIPAA as an example, are lost! Off-platform backups with the ability to obfuscate or encrypt the data at rest is the second most critical component to off-platform backups. 

The third is cybersecurity and ransomware. Gartner says every single year, it’s not if you’ll get attacked, it’s when you’ll get attacked. If you are, unfortunately, under the circumstances of a ransomware event, you have two options, you can pay the bad guys a ransom to get the handcuffs off and get your data back. Or you don’t have to pay the bad guys the ransom, because you’re off-platform, Salesforce data, that’s accessible and verifiable, has the ability to be restored. 

The fourth, we hear this from our insurance customers, really from our insurance and our legal customers a lot, is the long term retention impacts of off-platform Salesforce data. So Salesforce data, or Salesforce data loss is oftentimes not recognized for months, or in some cases even years down the road. And the ability to restore to a single point-in-time when data loss is identified is critical in the prevention of data loss downstream. 

And the final, which is really cliche and simple to say – It’s just  the peace of mind. It’s really easy to think about your backup in platform, it’s not really easy to think about data corruption, in-platform. So having your Salesforce data off-platform with the ability to a restore with fidelity and high levels of integrity just gives me, personally, as a CEO at CapStorm, the peace of mind that our business will not be interrupted in the event of a disaster.

So thank you very much for watching episode one. I’m looking forward to episode two. Please follow me on LinkedIn, message me on LinkedIn. Find me at 

Again, my name is Ted Pappas. This is Radical Transparency, and I’m looking forward to seeing you next week.

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