Unlock the Power of Your Salesforce Investment: Building a Native CDP with CapStorm

Welcome to our Data Unleashed web series. This web series represents a collection of ideas, lessons learned, and use cases accumulated by serving Salesforce customers over the past 12+ years. If your organization uses Salesforce, this web series was designed specifically for you.
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This content and service to the Salesforce community are essential to us here at CapStorm. However, when it comes to helping maximize your data, we feel a sense of duty to help others solve some of the most common and complex challenges related to their Salesforce data. Join us on LinkedIn, Youtube, Twitter, or CapStorm.com!

Most mid-market and enterprise category Salesforce customers use a data warehouse to integrate their data into a centralized location – whether it’s for data enrichment, reporting, warehousing, etc. It might make sense for them to use Salesforce’s Data Cloud or Genie platform to build your customer data platform (CDP). If so, they’re also probably pulling portions of their data model into their own data warehouse. 


For businesses that want to do this, CapStorm comes in handy. In Episode 21, Drew talks about how CapStorm’s solutions allow a user to replicate data from Salesforce in three to five minutes, to any of the OLAP or RDBMS databases they might be using. This allows the users to easily enhance or even create new CDPs, without having to invest in more Salesforce functionality. 

Tune in each Tuesday for more episodes of Data Unleashed, and discover all the tips and tricks to help you get more value from your investment in Salesforce. In addition, we would love to hear from you if you are looking for a fast, easy, and highly secure way to protect your Salesforce data & metadata! Contact an SFDC data expert or send us a message on LinkedIn!


Video Transcription

Hey, my name is Drew Niermann, and this is Data Unleashed – the video blog series dedicated to helping you get more out of your investment in Salesforce.

If you are a Salesforce customer and your mid-market or enterprise and category, the chances are you’re probably using a data warehouse to integrate Salesforce and non-Salesforce data in a centralized location for data enrichment, reporting, warehousing, etc. I would also bet that if you’re using Salesforce as a primary system of engagement or system of record, it may make sense to go ahead and adopt Salesforce as Data Cloud or Genie product to build a CDP that’s native to Salesforce. 

Now, if you’re not familiar with CDP, what I mean is customer data platform. And since most mid-market and enterprise Salesforce customers already have a data warehouse that they control, sometimes it makes sense to pull portions of the Salesforce data model, data schema and metadata out of Salesforce into your own data warehouse or data repository like Snowflake, BigQuery, Redshift or any traditional SQL RDBMS. 

If you’d like to do this CapStorm offers a solution that allows you to replicate data from Salesforce within three to five minutes of real-time to any of those database flavors that I just mentioned. So that you can enhance or even create a net new CDP and those traditional OLAP or RDBMS databases without having to invest heavily in more Salesforce functionality. 

Again, I’m not discouraging the use of Data Cloud or Genie, just suggesting that if you’re not utilizing Salesforce as a primary system of engagement or primary system of record, it may make sense to replicate that data into a pre-existing data warehouse with something like CapStorm. 

If this is helpful or interesting to you, please feel free to drop me a note on LinkedIn or send a message to the CapStorm team at www.capstorm.com Thank you so much for watching. My name is Drew Niermann. And this is Data Unleashed.

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