Data Security & Trust

Why trust somebody else with your Salesforce data?
Instead, trust yourself. 

Capstorm customers have complete control over the Salesforce backup process.  Backup what you want, when you want, and control where the backup is stored. All Salesforce data stays within your data center, behind your firewall (or in your private cloud!). Each Capstorm customer has complete control over backup security. Data access is controlled by you as all Salesforce data is stored in your machines or in your private cloud.

Yes, the Salesforce Organization ID is the only data from your Salesforce instance that Capstorm will see!  How many users does the Salesforce have?  How much data? How frequently are backups performed, and how are backups segmented?  Where is the backup stored?  How is the backup used?

Capstorm has NO access into a customer’s Salesforce data or backup process.
The security, frequency, and storage of your Salesforce backup is entirely under your control.

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