Archive Salesforce Data

Archive rarely used Salesforce data and limit storage cost increases by keeping an external copy of select data in your database

Save Money on Salesforce Storage Costs

CapStorm’s CS:Archive extension, powered by CS:Enable, is a premier data archival solution that helps to reduce the amount of Salesforce data stored on the platform while ensuring that the data remains accessible and in compliance, off-platform.

Manage Salesforce data effectively, even when your business has a large volume of rarely used records. 
Here are some of the ways the CS:Archive extension can help:

Decrease Storage Costs

Identify and archive outdated or seldom-used records to control Salesforce storage costs.
Salesforce data storage costs can be expensive. You can expect to pay as much as $250 per Gb/per month – That’s up to $150,000 for 50 Gb for 1 year.

Maintain Compliance

Record retention regulations can be a maze, but CS:Archive simplifies the journey.
Retain access to archived data, as well as the option to predictably delete data, while ensuring your business seamlessly aligns with regulatory requirements.

Speed up Salesforce Instances

Declutter your Salesforce environment to optimize record retrieval.
CS:Archive can contribute to the overall speed and efficiency of Salesforce instances. Users can experience faster access to relevant data, improving productivity across the board.

External Data Viewer

Create a mirror of SFDC in your own database, outside of the Salesforce platform, and allow any user within your organization the ability to view data via CapStorm’s locally hosted web app.
With granular user controls, you can ensure that only authorized users can access the data they need.

CS:Archive Transforms the Way You Work

To fully leverage the benefits of CS:Archive, it’s essential to have a strong technical foundation in place. 

This extension has several advanced Salesforce deletion features to predictably manage your archive processes, including:  

Targeted Deletion: The new deletion tool addresses critical issues, ensuring precision, predictability, and flexibility in the deletion process.

Filtered Deletion: The tool limits the scope of delete operations, ensuring only the intended records are affected.

Child Record Deletion: The tool can seamlessly delete child, grandchild, and related records within the specified object hierarchy.

Audited Deletion: CS:Archive generates comprehensive audit reports, detailing the exact records deleted, including child records.

Elevate Your Salesforce Archive to New Heights

By partnering with CapStorm, you can maximize your investment in Salesforce and gain a 360-degree view of your organization. If you would like to learn more about our innovative Salesforce data archival solution, contact us today.