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Salesforce Restore for Peace of Mind Plus!

CopyStorm/Restore takes small or large parts of the CopyStorm backup to Salesforce.

CopyStorm/Restore turns your low cost sandbox instances into high value, data rich developer environments using your production CopyStorm backup data.  Of course, CopyStorm/Restore can be used to restore small or large parts of your production database in an emergency.

No one wants an emergency before the backup and restore process is tested! CopyStorm/Restore populates inexpensive Salesforce developer sandboxes with useful production data while obfuscating sensitive fields.

Salesforce restore with CopyStorm/Restore. The application can be used for Salesforce disaster recovery, populating Salesforce sandboxes, and for Salesforce ETL projects like migrations, merges, and splits.

How much time does it take to learn the Salesforce restore process? 
Just a few minutes.

Watch an overview of Capstorm's solution to restore records and relationships to Salesforce. Metadata can also be restored.
Restore data to Salesforce or seed a sandbox in mere clicks. CopyStorm/Restore can restore an entire relational hierarchy without intervention.
Restore metadata to a Salesforce environment directly from CopyStorm/Restore. Select metadata and a version then click deploy.