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CopyStorm: An on-premise Salesforce backup solution by Capstorm. Capstorm - the Salesforce backup and recovery experts since 2011.
Bring Salesforce data into a local relational database with mere clicks. Download CopyStorm for a free 30 day trial!
Watch this video to see how easily you can get started backing up your Salesforce data and metadata. Simply enter credentials and point CopyStorm towards a fresh database schema.
Restore data and metadata to Salesforce with CopyStorm/Restore. Created by Capstorm- Salesforce backup and restore experts since 2011.
Seed a Salesforce sandbox or restore data to production in mere clicks. Records and relationships restored without intervention.
Deploy metadata to Salesforce using CopyStorm/Restore. Try CopyStorm/Restore free for a 30 day evaluation period!
Every developer deserves their own Salesforce sandbox! Populate a sandbox with chosen production data and optionally obfuscate sensitive fields.
Refresh a Salesforce sandbox on demand. From your full copy sandbox to a developer environment, CopyStorm/Restore can incrementally populate records and relationships to Salesforce.
Capstorm has solutions for Salesforce ETL projects! Ease the pain of Salesforce migration, merges, and splits using CopyStorm and CopyStorm/Restore.
Enterprise Salesforce backup management with CopyStorm/Director. Simplify and centralize the backup process regardless of the number of Salesforce instances.
CopyStorm/Search - Salesforce GDPR Compliance and advanced Salesforce search capabilities.


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