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White Papers

Guide for Selecting a Salesforce Backup & Restore Partner

A Hosted vs. On-Premise Solution Comparison along with a comparison checklist for your use. Click here for your guide.

Fast Salesforce Record Deletion or How to Clear a Sandbox in Minutes

Rather than schedule a sandbox refresh and wait, it is possible to clear a Salesforce sandbox of data in just a few minutes by exploiting the parallelism capabilities of Salesforce's SOAP or REST API.  How fast can records be deleted from Salesforce using this approach?  Answer: You can easily delete 10 million or more records an hour. Learn how: Fast Salesforce Record Deletion or How to Clear a Sandbox in Minutes

Download Salesforce Tables in a Flash

Is the BULK API the fastest way to extract data from Salesforce?  This white paper puts that theory to the test by comparing Bulk versus SOAP versus REST under various levels of parallelism.  The winner may surprise you. Learn more: Salesforce Tables in a Flash

General Capstorm FAQs

What if I don't see my database listed?
Currently CopyStorm supports Microsoft SQLServer, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and H2. We will consider supporting other target databases if there is enough interest. Please, contact us.

What support options do I have with Capstorm products?
Most support can easily be answered through email. We also offer onsite training. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Why purchase Update and Email support for CopyStorm and CopyStorm/Restore?
We recommend annual purchase of Update and Email support to keep current with any changes in CopyStorm as these may also reflect changes in Salesforce. We do not offer upgrade support.

 Question still not answered? Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Pricing, Licensing, Policies

Product Pricing

For individuals, sites, and enterprises we offer clear and straightforward pricing.  You will find our current prices here.


We encourage companies to try our products for a 30 day evaluation period using our simple Capstorm Trial Use Agreement. If you choose not to purchase, simply delete from your computer the product and any data it has produced.

All purchased Capstorm products are covered by a common End User License Agreement.  Products covered by this license include:

  • CopyStorm
  • CopyStorm/Restore
  • CopyStorm/Director
  • CopyStorm/Medic

In support of the Salesforce community, Capstorm provides several products for free under the Eclipse Public License (EPL). Products covered by the EPL include:

  • SQLForce
  • CopyStorm/Dump

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy is simple -- We do not share your information.