CapStorm Earns AWS Service Redshift Ready Designation, Unlocking Exclusive Benefits

Recognition highlights leading Salesforce data management solutions provider's ongoing collaboration with AWS.

SANTA ROSA BEACH, JUNE 15 — CapStorm, a leading provider of Salesforce data management solutions, is pleased to announce that it has earned its first Amazon Web Services (AWS) Service Redshift Ready designation. This prestigious recognition highlights CapStorm’s commitment to meeting the highest technical standards and positions CapStorm for accelerated growth and success in collaboration with AWS.

As an AWS Service Redshift Ready Partner, CapStorm gains access to a range of valuable program benefits. These benefits include access to funding and discounts, early access to AWS product roadmaps and feature releases, marketing support from AWS, and priority consideration to publish technical content through AWS forums. These advantages enable CapStorm to serve its customers better and enhance its market presence.

Among the immediate benefits CapStorm will enjoy are enhanced visibility with AWS customers and AWS sales and service teams. This is made possible through the official APN Badge Manager, allowing CapStorm to showcase its AWS Service Redshift Ready designations. Additionally, CapStorm will receive a priority ranking in relevant customer searches on the AWS Partner Solution Finder and have its products listed on the AWS Partners web page.

“We are thrilled to have earned our AWS Service Redshift Ready designation,” said Sharon Steingruber, Director of Partner Alliances at CapStorm. “This recognition demonstrates our commitment to delivering high-quality solutions on the AWS platform. The program benefits will enable us to further strengthen our relationships with customers and AWS, ultimately driving business growth and success.”

To celebrate this achievement, CapStorm will be featured in the “Welcome New Partners” APN Blog Post, which enjoys a large readership within the AWS community. 

For more information about CapStorm’s AWS Service Redshift Ready designation and its benefits, please visit or contact Sharon Steingruber at

About CapStorm

CapStorm is a leading Salesforce data management solutions provider, offering a pathway to ownership and control over data for Salesforce users. With its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, CapStorm makes Salesforce data accessible and verifiable off-platform, allowing users to make better decisions. Additionally, CapStorm has established itself as a trusted partner for organizations seeking to leverage the power of Salesforce data.

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Steven Welch

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About CapStorm

CapStorm is the most technologically advanced Salesforce data management platform on the market. Billions of records per day flow through CapStorm software, and our solutions are used in every industry from credit cards, telecom providers, insurance agencies, global banks and energy providers.

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