Migrate, Merge, or Split Salesforce Instances

A Salesforce ETL solution for difficult data transformations.
CopyStorm  and CopyStorm/Restore can take the sting out of Salesforce migrations!  

  • CopyStorm replicates the table structure and data from a Salesforce instance and brings the information into a local database
  • CopyStorm/Restore inserts this data into a target Salesforce — restoring both records and relationships automatically (No data loader needed!)

Metadata is also copied and can be restored — custom objects, fields, even code is preserved!

Read Capstorm’s Salesforce Migration Playbook for high level steps to migrate data to Salesforce from another Salesforce instance or any data repository.

Capstorm's solutions for Salesforce ETL projects: migrations, mergers, and splits.
Salesforce ETL - Capstorm's solutions simplify the Extract and Load process for Salesforce records and metadata.

Contact us to discuss your project and for a personal introduction to
Salesforce ETL with CopyStorm and CopyStorm/Restore.

Simplify a complicated project with Capstorm's solutions: Bring Salesforce data into a local relational database and transform as needed. Restore records and relationships to Salesforce using CopyStorm/Restore.
Backup Salesforce data and metadata into a local relational database using CopyStorm. Transform data within the database before restoring to Salesforce.
Try CopyStorm/Restore to restore any level of relational hierarchy to Salesforce. No data loader or CSV files needed!

Visit Capstorm’s learn center for technical details