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Migrate, Merge, or Split Salesforce Instances

A Salesforce ETL solution for difficult data transformations.
CopyStorm  and CopyStorm/Restore can take the sting out of Salesforce migrations!  

  • CopyStorm replicates the table structure and data from a Salesforce instance and brings the information into a local database
  • CopyStorm/Restore inserts this data into a target Salesforce — restoring both records and relationships automatically (No data loader needed!)

Metadata is also copied and can be restored — custom objects, fields, even code is preserved!

Capstorm's solutions for Salesforce ETL projects: migrations, mergers, and splits.

Contact us to discuss your project and for a personal introduction to
Salesforce ETL with CopyStorm and CopyStorm/Restore.

Simplify a complicated project with Capstorm's solutions: Bring Salesforce data into a local relational database and transform as needed. Restore records and relationships to Salesforce using CopyStorm/Restore.
Backup Salesforce data and metadata into a local relational database using CopyStorm. Transform data within the database before restoring to Salesforce.
Try CopyStorm/Restore to restore any level of relational hierarchy to Salesforce. No data loader or CSV files needed!

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