Salesforce Migration

Solutions designed for Salesforce to Salesforce migrations or integrating data from an external system into Salesforce.

Extract: bring Salesforce data into a local relational database. Transform: manipulate data within the database and compare the Salesforce structures. Load: push data to Salesforce, records and relationships restored without intervention.


  • Use CopyStorm to extract the structure and data of the “old” Salesforce organization and the structure of the “new” instance into a local relational database.


  • Harness the power of databases such as Oracle, Microsoft SQLServer, and PostgreSQL to compare Salesforce structures and massage data to fit the target schema.
  • Integrate data from external sources within the database.


  • Restore targeted metadata to a sandbox instance then incrementally load records.  Relationships between records are preserved.  A best practice is to always test the restore process in a Sandbox prior to writing to production.
  • Load the target Salesforce.  Pause or stop a restore at any time, and CopyStorm/Restore will pick up right where you left off.
  • The “old” instance will likely be live at the beginning of the Salesforce migration process, so an incremental restore is key to a smooth transition.

Salesforce Migrations With CopyStorm/Restore Provide:

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