Salesforce Backup and Restore Downloads

Version 9.50.1  
Linux/Mac 24.24 MB Login to Download
Win32 68.35 MB Login to Download
Win64 69.13 MB Login to Download

New to Capstorm?  Watch the quick start video.

Quick Start Video of the Salesforce Backup and Restore Process with Capstorm

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the trial version missing any features?2018-08-01T17:52:43+00:00

No.  The trial license is the same as the full version, but the software will stop working after 30 days.
Contact sales@capstorm.com to purchase a license and continue using CopyStorm.

The solution I want to try is not available for download.2018-08-01T18:23:55+00:00

Contact sales@capstorm.com for a trial license with any product that is not available on the download page.
CopyStorm/Search and CopyStorm/View are available for a 30 day trial. 

How can I try CopyStorm/Restore?2018-08-01T17:52:54+00:00

Email sales@capstorm.com or click here to reach the Capstorm team.

How do I start using CopyStorm?2018-08-01T17:53:06+00:00

Download and unzip CopyStorm.  Enter Salesforce and database credentials, then click “start copy.”
For more information read the Installation Instructions or watch Getting Started with CopyStorm.

Does Capstorm have a place for technical help?2018-08-01T17:53:06+00:00

Product help and answers to common questions can be found on learn.capstorm.com.
Questions can also be emailed to support@capstorm.com or via our support form.