Salesforce Disaster Recovery

CopyStorm creates and incrementally updates a mirror image of your Salesforce database in a local relational database.

A Salesforce disaster recovery solution is not optional:

CopyStorm provides peace of mind by keeping a hot backup of your production Salesforce!  Standard and custom objects are included with options for full field history tracking and deleted record retention.  Metadata is also retained and Salesforce metadata changes are automatically versioned.

  • CopyStorm is always incremental.  If you make a change in Salesforce, such as adding a new custom object, simply run CopyStorm and that change will be added to your backup database along with any added or modified records.

To get started with CopyStorm, simply download, unzip, and point CopyStorm towards a fresh database schema.

  • Set CopyStorm to run with your scheduler, and sleep easily knowing that you are prepared for a Salesforce data disaster.
  • Put your Salesforce disaster recovery and data restoration process to the test with targeted, rich data sets in developer sandboxes.


Visit Capstorm’s learn center for technical details
& watch a quick video below

See a Salesforce disaster recovery backup in action by clicking on the video. CopyStorm is simple to set up- download / unzip / enter credentials and start your Salesforce backup. Point CopyStorm towards a fresh database schema, and CopyStorm will replicate the Salesforce table structure within a local database.
Every Salesforce disaster recovery solution should be tested prior to a data disaster! Use CopyStorm/Restore to populate Salesforce sandboxes for development and training. Seed your Salesforce sandbox with records and relationships without intervention or .CSV files!