Near Real-Time Integration between Salesforce & Tableau

Unlock the full analytics potential with Salesforce data updates in Tableau within 3 minutes of your live Salesforce production organization. CapStorm’s solutions enable global businesses to do more with their data.

By enabling Salesforce data autonomy, CapStorm increases data insights, bringing better data into your analytics system – now. Eliminate query restrictions and data join limitations with incremental replication from Salesforce into your own data repository for direct Salesforce and Tableau connection.

Choose Your Path

Classic Tableau Configuration

  • Self-hosted copy of Salesforce data and metadata.
  • Feed data directly into Tableau from your relational database. 
  • Incremental replication up to every 3 minutes.
  • Custom object-by-object replication scheduling.

Govern Tableau Configuration

Everything in Classic Tableau Configuration, PLUS:

  • Advanced protection for sensitive regulatory data.
  • Data classification and segmentation for granular encryption.
  • Role based data access for increased control. 
  • GDPR, CCPA, PHI, HIPAA, etc compliance.

Data Insights for Tableau + Salesforce

Tableau Product Owner

  • Increase insights with dashboards reflecting near-real time Salesforce data feeds.
  • Create new vizzes to improve executive decision making and data access.
  • Complement existing technology stack with on-premises or cloud implementation.
  • Set and forget confidence

Salesforce Product Owner

  • Increase analytics effectiveness and achieve near-real time data insights.
  • Gain control over Salesforce data access and utilization.
  • Protect Salesforce data with all data self-hosted behind your firewall. 
  • Scalable for multi-org implementations.
  • Set and forget confidence

Looking for Advanced Capabilities?

Unlock Enhanced DevOps Optimization, Business Continuity, Data Integration, and more.

Build on your Salesforce data management capabilities with custom configuration and gain enterprise flexibility. Unlock an additional database connector to replicate Salesforce data across multiple database types. Copy to Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLServer, MySQL, or more with flexibility that scales as you grow.
Empower development teams to optimize Salesforce sandbox use with additional sandbox connectors, scratch org utilization, data anonymization, and more. Analyze Salesforce data, security logs, structure, and metadata across multiple Salesforce production organizations. Connect with our team or review our case studies to hear how enterprises are decreasing risk and increasing enterprise value.