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Salesforce Record Archival With CopyStorm

Archive deleted records indefinitely within an on-premises relational database.

Use CopyStorm to maintain a hot copy of your Salesforce data and choose to retain deleted records according to your data retention policy.  Your Salesforce data archive can be stored on-premises or in a cloud based database.  Query the Salesforce record archival database in order to expose historic data.  Optionally restore archived records and relationships to Salesforce using CopyStorm/Restore.

Salesforce record archival is simple with CopyStorm, and archived data can be restored to Salesforce using CopyStorm/Restore.

The CopyStorm Suite:
A complete solution for Salesforce disaster recovery, analytics, compliance, record archival, data warehousing, and more.

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Salesforce backup to a local database (Oracle, SQLServer, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Aurora, Azure, and more). CopyStorm is incremental and will automatically create the structure of your Salesforce within your chosen database.
Use CopyStorm/Restore to restore records and relationships to Salesforce without intervention. Seed a Salesforce sandbox or restore to production. CopyStorm/Restore is available for a free 30 day trial!