Rule Based Salesforce Record Archival

Snapshot a record’s data and structure in your own relational database.

Use CopyStorm’s archival feature to create an infinite-depth Salesforce recycle bin that captures record snapshots on your timetable.  The archive is controlled by you, allowing Salesforce record retention to match your businesses’ compliance requirements.  Record snapshots are automatically tamper evident and can be made tamper proof, allowing legal holds to be placed on Salesforce records without inhibiting Salesforce users.   Keep any Salesforce record forever!

CopyStorm's Archive feature allows you to create an unlimited depth Salesforce recycling bin that captures each record's structure and data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Define “archive”2019-03-29T16:43:31+00:00

CopyStorm’s Archive feature captures a Salesforce record snapshot which includes the record’s data and structure at the time of archival.  A record can be archived any number of times.  The record archive is stored on your own on-premise or private cloud relational database.  Archiving a record does not delete the record from Salesforce, however, a common use case is to archive records as they are removed from the force platform.

What level of customization is available to determine if a record should be archived?2019-03-29T16:44:15+00:00

A record will be archived if it passes the filter criteria that you set.  Records can be filtered by a column expression (similar to Salesforce report writer filters), only upon record deletion, or as determined by a SQL statement.  Of course it is also possible to archive All Changes to the specified tables.  For more information, reference Archive Policy Filter Rules.

Can I run an archive job on demand? As part of the normal backup process?2019-03-15T16:11:46+00:00

The answer is Yes to both questions.  An “active” archive policy will run as a part of a scheduled CopyStorm backup job.  You can also run an archive rule at anytime directly from the CopyStorm GUI.

Where can I find technical documentation about archive?2019-03-15T16:12:28+00:00

Visit Capstorm’s product help site learn.capstorm.com or click to go directly to an overview of CopyStorm’s Archival System.

Is it possible to view the record archive?2019-03-15T16:13:34+00:00

Yes! CopyStorm creates the archive tables in your own relational database.  The database can be queried directly, or utilize CopyStorm’s Archive Explorer tool.

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