Case Studies

CopyStorm and CopyStorm/Restore - Software to for many use cases.

Zennify and Salesforce Migrations

Capstorm’s products have allowed Zennify to streamline our data migration process. With the combination of both CopyStorm and CopyStorm/Restore we can now migrate our client’s data faster, with less user intervention and with more accuracy. We no longer have to migrate data the slow way

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Manpower and Salesforce Integration

“We have been using Capstorm products (both Copystorm and Copystorm restore) for more than a year now, it allowed us to jump-start our digital transformation allowing to have the data in a fast and secure way ready to be used for the integration with our backend systems, the product is very stable and enterprise-ready …

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Teach For America and Salesforce Analytics

“We just successfully implemented a reporting / database conversion project with CopyStorm Backup for one of our Salesforce Organizations, and the process was completely painless. We replaced a custom system using an expensive ETL tool, and CopyStorm has been more automatic, fault-tolerant, and just generally easier than what we replaced. Their support has also been excellent, with quick replies from a knowledgeable team and willingness to add new enhancements we’ve suggested.”
– Larry Blake

Aggreko and Salesforce Sandbox Seeding with Data Obfuscation

“Aggreko have purchased CopyStorm and CopyStorm/Restore from CapStorm. Both products have been working extremely well and have simplified many of our processes. For CopyStorm we wanted a product that would allow us an onsite backup of our Salesforce data. CopyStorm allowed us to back the data up to a SQL Server database. This gives us the advantage …

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Gusto and Salesforce Data Warehousing

“CopyStorm has been a core part of our Salesforce data system. With CopyStorm, we gain the ability to accurately have a near-real-time data store without the need to know the intricacies of SFDC. This empowers our analytics teams to provide insights on a more holistic level to the rest of the organization. Beyond being transparent on its access and internal operations under the hood, CopyStorm/Medic goes the extra mile…

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Why Capstorm ?

  • Capstorm applications run on your machines behind your firewall.

How much Salesforce data does CopyStorm backup?  We do not know!  It’s your data and only you have access.  All of your Salesforce data stays on your machines or in your private cloud.
How many backups do customers create?  We do not know!  Capstorm has zero visibility into your Salesforce data or where you store the backups.

  • Simple, straightforward pricing.

All companies, no matter the size, should have a Salesforce disaster recovery plan.  Pricing is not based upon the number of Salesforce users or data size!

  • Longevity and Stability.

Capstorm is a long-term Salesforce partner (since 2011) and is solely in the Salesforce backup and restore business.   Capstorm applications are always under active development with features driven by the needs of our customers.

  • Use Cases beyond “backup.”

A Salesforce backup is just the beginning.  Why?  What good is a backup if it is not possible to verify that the backup is complete?  Perform in depth analytics on Salesforce data outside of Salesforce.  Populate Salesforce sandboxes with a targeted slice of production data.  Connect the backup with external systems or use the data to power a customer facing website.  There are many ways Capstorm customers use their backups!

The service was great.

Ashely Green-Gluskin, Trip Advisor

Thanks for a great product. Can’t say enough good things about the attention to detail in this app.

Andy O’Neal, Alien Vault, now At&T Cybersecurity

Consistently we have found very little issue with Copystorm’s use but when something has come up your team has been wonderful to work with.    You [Capstorm account manager] have continued in this tradition and it is appreciated!

Joe Catlin, Nonprofit Management Services of Colorado

Capstorm customers come from all corners of the world and range from small non-profits to companies listed on Fortune’s Global 500.
We want all customers to become references and treat all customer requests seriously with prompt, courteous support.

Is there a Capstorm customer in your industry? In your region?
With customers in over 45 countries, the answer is probably yes!