Salesforce Data Governance

CS:Govern: Data Governance With CapStorm

How CapStorm Empowers Salesforce Data Governance

Salesforce data governance and data access control is a growing concern for organizations that use Salesforce and must abide by multiple regulatory standards. Products like Salesforce Shield® control data visibility within the SFDC-UI. But, it grows increasingly difficult to maintain granular control over data classification, regulatory segmentation, and encryption once data transits out of Salesforce and into the enterprise data fabric.

CS:Govern, our data compliance application , is designed for organizations that a) use Salesforce, and b) must abide by multiple complex regulations. CapStorm empowers regulatory compliance while also preserving compliance methods within the enterprise data fabric.

Choose Your Path

Classic Configuration

  • Ensure compliance of Salesforce data-at-rest.
  • Manage multiple compliant repositories.
  • Complement existing Salesforce Shield technology using standard UX controls.
  • Bring structure to multiple compliance models within the same Salesforce organization.
  • Create an auditable chain of custody for compliance data.
  • Control data access and utilization.
  • Encrypt on a field level.

Advanced Configuration

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CapStorm Solves Common Regulatory Challenges

Data Governance at Every Level

Compliance Executive

  • Ensure compliance standards are met both at present and as standards change. 
  • Prove GDPR compliance with audit reports.
  • Achieve data segmentation and access controls based on user roles.
  • Minimize risk by maintaining data behind your firewall. 
  • Control key rotation periods based on your requirements. 
  • Set & forget confidence.

Security Executive

  • Gain data access control over every Salesforce environment, including sandboxes. 
  • Eliminate the possibility of PII or other compliance data in lower environments.
  • Minimize ransomware risk with a self-hosted Salesforce data, metadata, and structurer replica.
  • Increase enterprise confidence by reducing access to proprietary data by 3rd parties.

Post Governance (Continuous Improvement)

Your organization is protecting compliance data and enabling the optimal flow of data through the entire enterprise. Salesforce data is integrated into the full data fabric, with unlimited reporting in near-real time across all production systems. The development lifecycle is greatly reduced with a scripted sandbox seeding process to generate testing and training environments. One or more Salesforce organizations have been consolidated, or data obtained through acquisition has been integrated using CapStorm’s Salesforce data enablement and governance solutions.

Now, it is time to optimize and improve the data flow, and we are here to help. Click below to schedule an architecture session for a comprehensive analysis of your current CapStorm configurations. You will walk away with a vision of the future CapStorm roadmap and suggestions on how to optimize your environments.

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