Salesforce Backup for Compliance 

Salesforce data on-premises or in your private cloud, behind your firewall.

  • Does your data need to stay within country boundaries?  You control where data is stored.
  • Need to verify the backup?  The CopyStorm database and logs are fully accessible – on your machines!
  • Tracking record changes? Full field history tracking at the click of a button.  No field limit per object.
  • Retaining deleted records?  Select a specific retention policy or save deleted records indefinitely.
  • GDPR concerns?  See Capstorm’s solution to find and obfuscate instances of sensitive data.

There are two approaches to a Salesforce backup: On-premises or Cloud based.  Do you trust a third party to care as much as you do about the security of your Salesforce data?  If your data is stored on another business’ server, how can you verify that the backup is complete?  Is the data readily available for restore in case of a data disaster?  For complete control over the backup process and data security, use a self-hosted solution.

With Capstorm, your Salesforce data is on your machines or in your cloud, behind your firewall. You have complete control over the backup process. A solution for compliance with government regulation, such as GDPR, or ensuring that your data stays within your company. Capstorm will never see your data!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an “incremental” Salesforce backup?2018-08-01T17:52:18+00:00

CopyStorm reads Salesforce records over the API.  Record timestamps are used to determine which records have been added or modified since the last backup and should be copied.  New and changed records are copied into the backup database.  More information can be found here: How Does CopyStorm Work?

How often can I backup Salesforce?2018-08-01T17:52:20+00:00

CopyStorm gives you full control over the backup process!  This includes the frequency of the backup.  Most people run CopyStorm every 5 to 15 minutes to keep mission critical Salesforce data backed up.

Does CopyStorm work with SHIELD?2018-08-01T17:52:24+00:00

Yes, many CopyStorm customers use Shield Platform Encryption.   CopyStorm backs up records based upon the Salesforce credentials entered into CopyStorm.  If the user can read unencrypted field data, CopyStorm will copy the unencrypted value.  If the user cannot read unencrypted data, the encrypted value is copied.

Is the Salesforce backup HIPAA/GDPR/SOC compliant?2018-08-08T14:32:45+00:00

CopyStorm and the backup database are on your computer behind your firewall.  Capstorm will never see your data. All Salesforce communications are encrypted using HTTPS.  For more information see: How Does CopyStorm Provide Salesforce Backup Security.

How long is a Salesforce backup kept?2018-08-01T17:52:33+00:00

Records and metadata are stored in your local or cloud based relational database.  Set a record retention policy to meet your business’ needs or keep deleted and archived records forever.

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