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Customers First. Always.

Letter From the Founders

Thank you for choosing CapStorm to be part of your Salesforce data management strategy. Although our company and products have evolved over the past 10+ years, we have never stopped feeling honored to be part of the Salesforce community, and our mission has not changed. We are here to serve. We keep our employees and our customers at the heart of our work, doing what is best for the business and best for them.

CapStorm founders Greg and Mary Smith pose at the beach.

From Greg:

The concept of CapStorm grew from a Salesforce migration project. As the CIO of a biotech firm, I led the execution of this project in the early 2000’s. I spent a full week searching for solutions that could move Salesforce data in and out of SFDC, while maintaining Salesforce data relationships—but I came up empty.

With no solutions available for purchase, I scripted the first version of CopyStorm. Then I shared the scripts post-migration with the Salesforce developer community. Several thousand downloads later, I left my role as a CIO to found CapStorm, offering solutions for Salesforce backup and recovery, Salesforce data migrations, and Salesforce development.

CapStorm’s solutions now form the foundation for hundreds of global customers, for Salesforce data assurance, enablement, and governance.

From Mary:

The business need for CapStorm was clear from the very beginning. Customers needed a Salesforce data extraction and recovery suite where they could:

  • Actually verify that a backup is complete—a near-impossible task when using a SaaS solution where data is not accessible or resident on a third party’s infrastructure.
  • Test Salesforce recovery daily and reduce costs by enabling developers to seed Salesforce sandboxes with targeted data sets.

Greg and I share the same mission to empower Salesforce users to get the most out of their data, keeping the needs of our customers at the forefront of everything.

CapStorm founders Greg and Mary Smith sit with four of their grandchildren.

Our Goals Are Your Goals.

The goals of our customers continue to drive our product evolution. CapStorm version 10 reflects many of these objectives with the introduction of a compliance suite for enhanced Salesforce data protection and segmentation. It also includes products specifically designed to protect the Salesforce data of smaller businesses and non-profits with the addition of Assure.

The core CopyStorm and CopyStorm/Restore functionality continues for Salesforce data backup and Salesforce data recovery with improvements like enhanced data archival, point-in-time restoration of entire data hierarchies, and Salesforce metadata comparison.

In addition to serving our customers, we are determined to lead in social responsibility by donating over two percent of all profits to charitable organizations. CapStorm employees personally sponsor more than 20 children around the globe, funding education and meeting basic physical needs for food and clothing. CapStorm’s customers also lead social change by educating the underserved, championing women’s rights, and helping make the world a better place.

Thank you for selecting CapStorm! It has been a fast ten years of growth, friendships and challenges. We look forward to serving you for the next ten years and beyond.

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