Zennify Streamlines Salesforce Data Migration Process

CapStorm Gives Zennify a Reliable Way to Update Salesforce Data

Zennify is an award-winning Salesforce and nCino partner with decades of experience. They have earned the trust of their customers and partners proven by their 4.9/5 customer Satisfaction Rating. Their track record speaks to the commitment, vision, and skill they bring to every engagement. 

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Across their team, Zennify launched digital portals for commercial banks, supported massive org merges, worked through complex data and systems architectures, trained global business units, and more.

As a result, they were looking for a solution for faster data migration and turned to CapStorm.


    1. Data Migration

      CopyStorm and CS:Restore provided Zennify with the ability to migrate client data faster, with less user intervention
      and more accuracy.

    2. Data Export

      CapStorm helped eliminate the need for the painstakingly slow process of manipulating multiple files, keeping track of record relationships and lengthy data exports.

    3. ETL Process

      Capstorm provided Zennify a repeatable method to extract, transform and load data into multiple Salesforce instances.

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Zennify improved their data migration process by eliminating the need to start from scratch for each environment, resulting in more efficient service for Salesforce and nCino customers.

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Zennify gained the ability to perform automated, incremental data extractions and loads giving them a reliable and consistent way to update data in Salesforce.

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Zennify accomplished full Salesforce data management with near real-time data warehousing, disaster recovery, and data migration.

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