Incorporating Veeva into the Global Data Lake

Multinational Pharmaceutical Enterprise With Over 90,000 Employees

Leverages CapStorm's technology to enhance billions of data records.

Salesforce with Veeva CRM is a crucial system of record for this pharmaceutical enterprise, supporting core sales activities and powering a streamlined way to align data across multiple teams. This multinational company leveraged a central data lake, aggregating data from the Veeva CRM platform and numerous other internal systems. CapStorm enabled an incremental replication from Veeva CRM to the company’s relational databases, powering a high-velocity data flow into the data lake.

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A Salesforce implementation leveraging Veeva CRM needed an integration solution with near real-time data flow.

The global enterprise leveraged an Azure data lake for international reporting, with data feeds from multiple internal systems, including critical CRM data. As a multi-national, muti-org Veeva and Salesforce implementation, the data volumes were massive and ever-increasing, driving the need for a fully incremental solution that would only replicate new or modified records. CapStorm provided a scalable platform that enabled a near real-time data flow from Veeva to the enterprise’s data lake.


  1. Incremental Data Replication

    The scheduled sync replicated Veeva records based on when the records were created or modified. This incremental sync ensured that minimal API resources kept the data in step with the current state of Veeva. Additionally, the delta data extraction makes high-frequency replication possible. Unlike many alternative ‘full backup’ approaches, an incremental backup provided the enterprise with customized flexibility to extract the desired data on the desired frequency.

  2. Automatic Schema Replication

    A common fallacy with many CRM replication solutions is the assumption of a static source environment. Instead, CapStorm’s solution helped replicate the data and the underlying data structure or schema, ensuring that the integration adapts automatically as the Veeva Salesforce package changes.

  3. Secured Data Storage

    The enterprise maintained complete control over the data storage location and data access. CapStorm is a no-view provider, so the solution bridged the gap between Veeva and the storage database with no data transmitted outside the business’ firewall.

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Improved forecasting based on unlimited historical trend data

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Near real-time data analysis enabling executive decisions

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Enhanced 360-degree customer view with data aggregation across key systems

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