Territory Based Sandbox Seeding for Veeva

Consumer-Focused Pharmaceutical Enterprise

Streamlines critical sales training while keeping sensitive data secure and reducing risk

A diverse sales team supported the organization’s many lines of business. The organization leveraged Salesforce with Veeva as a critical technology with a multi-org architecture subdivided by major business unit. These Veeva environments powered sales activity, providing right time information on key people across many of the organization’s therapeutic areas.

CapStorm enabled territory-driven Veeva sandbox seeding, creating high-value, zero-risk training environments. In addition, CapStorm solutions provided rapid sandbox refresh, ensuring that training environments are up-to-date with anonymized production data.

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Therapeutic divisional leads struggled with new sales training. They needed a scalable way to create risk-free Veeva training environments that contained a sample data set related to sales rep's assigned territory and business line.

For example, the Oncology division accounted for a significant portion of the enterprises’ global revenue. As a result, Oncology sales reps needed to train with relevant data sets, containing Oncology doctor data, with sample data designed to foster the high-impact interactions desired by the business. As an additional complexity, the global nature of the company required that training environments contain data relevant to each central geographical area, including the correct language(s) and area-specific products. Sensitive information also needed to be masked to meet country-specific compliance requirements.


  1. Seeding of Records & Relationships

    Each training sandbox contained a data set with records along with data relationships. Training leads gained the ability to walk through the entire sales process using a representative account, including all the corresponding data in order to provide an authentic end-user experience. CapStorm’s Restore solution pushed record hierarchies to these sandboxes, including all desired levels of relationships.

  2. Masked Data for Compliance

    Sensitive data, like provider email addresses and phone numbers, were required be masked, with only the true production environment reflecting these key data points. CapStorm’s Veeva seeding solution enabled field-level data anonymization using masking rules saved as a reusable template.

  3. Designed for Rapid Refresh

    CapStorm’s solution enabled this company to refresh each Veeva training environment on-demand or as part of a scheduled process to provide clean slate training for each onboarding class. Additionally, reusable data sets gave the trainers a predictable environment enabling practical, hands-on support for new sales reps using risk-free environments.

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Increased sales performance as a direct result of high impact training

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Scalable environment seeding with minimal technical involvement

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Reduced risk with seeding templates that mask sensitive fields

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