Tableau and Snowflake Insights with Near Real-Time Salesforce Extracts

Datto, a Cybersecurity and Data Backup Company

Streamlines data operations with near real-time replication

Datto is a world leader in software that protects critical applications and data. They offer solutions for multiple platforms, including SaaS offerings like Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace, server continuity hardware, and even workstation file protection. CapStorm’s CS:Enable product, empowered Datto to streamline analytics with incremental replication from their Salesforce CRM into Snowflake and AWS.


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Datto needed to consolidate CRM data with other data sources in order to achieve a true, 360-degree customer view.

Salesforce is one critical system of record with a combination of other internal systems containing the data Datto needed to achieve a complete view of each customer’s activities. Datto selected Tableau as the primary platform to visualize data across all systems, but the enterprise wanted to perform heterogeneous environment reporting in near real-time. Datto was also growing, meaning that any solution had to seamlessly account for sharp increases in data size and changing data structures.


    1. High Frequency Salesforce Data Replication

      CapStorm enabled high-frequency replication of Salesforce data to Snowflake for Datto. This Salesforce data extract was fully incremental, meaning that the extracted data copied only new or modified records each time. This approach minimized Salesforce API calls, while keeping the data in Snowflake refreshed within minutes of changes in Datto’s Salesforce database.

    2. Controlled Salesforce Data Access

      The CS:Enable product is a no-view solution, meaning that Datto maintained complete control over data access and use. Having full autonomy over their data allowed Datto to protect sensitive data by controlling the exposure and limiting the audience as needed. Salesforce data in Snowflake could be cleansed before integration with Tableau, providing enterprise data sharing with minimal risk.

    3. Aggregated Enterprise-Wide Data Use

      Snowflake acted as a staging area to populate a data warehouse, creating a single point of query for Tableau in order to achieve a 360-degree customer view across all systems. This approach scaled as Datto grew, with higher data volumes and new systems. The combination of high-frequency replication, controlled data access, and aggregated data provided a simple way to analyze data in near real-time.


Near real-time analytics across all systems.

Improved forecasting with unlimited trend data retention.

Increased organization & data visualization with controlled access to granular data.

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