Tableau and Snowflake Insights with Near Real-Time Salesforce Extracts

Datto, a Cybersecurity and Data Backup Company

Streamlines data operations with near real-time replication

Datto Inc. is a backup, recovery, and business continuity vendor that sells data protection products to businesses of all sizes.

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Datto needed to consolidate CRM data with other data sources in order to achieve a true, 360-degree customer view.

Datto selected Tableau as the primary platform to visualize data across all systems, but the enterprise wanted to perform heterogeneous environment reporting in near real-time. Datto was also growing, meaning that any solution had to seamlessly account for sharp increases in data size and changing data structures.


    1. CapStorm performed high-frequency replication of Salesforce data to Snowflake for Datto. The extracted data copied only new or modified records. 

    2. Salesforce data in Snowflake was cleansed before integration with Tableau, providing enterprise data sharing with minimal risk.

    3. Snowflake acted as a staging area to populate a data warehouse, creating a single point of query for Tableau in order to achieve a 360-degree view across all systems. 
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Datto transformed from limited data utilization, constrained by the native Salesforce report writer, to an enterprise data-sharing model.

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Datto's new mode of data utilization allowed for only minutes to separate data creation from data view and visualization.

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CapStorm enabled citizen development with self-serve business intelligence, reducing the IT burden.

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