The Eastern Territory of The Salvation Army Gains Ability to Change CRM Infrastructure

CapStorm Helps The Eastern Territory of The Salvation Army Connect Their Data Across Tech Stack

The eastern territory of The Salvation Army serves communities in 12 Northeastern states, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands and is a part of the largest non-government providers of social services nationally and globally.

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The Salvation Army’s eastern territory went live with their unified CRM infrastructure and came across the need to optimize their CRM.

This required downloading data from Salesforce and uploading to a data warehouse, before routing it back into Salesforce. They needed a way to easily connect their data from different platforms in their tech stack, so they turned to CapStorm for help.


    1. Data Backup

      CopyStorm allowed The Salvation Army to host their backup data on-prem, so they could seamlessly make any corrections they needed to their CRM.
    2. ETL Process

      CapStorm created all the ETL for the organization, including writing their Salesforce objects to their on-prem server.
    3. Point-In-Time Restore

      With CopyStorm’s point-in-time restore capabilities, The Salvation Army now has the ability to complete full mass restores of their Salesforce data, and easily undo any unnecessary changes.
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The Salvation Army’s eastern territory Salesforce backup data is now hosted with their data warehouse and easily accessible for any changes they need to make to their infrastructure.

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The eastern territory gained the ability to create new dashboards and reports, allowing them to ensure a healthy flow of information between their systems.

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The operational requirements are now at an enterprise-grade standard due to the ability to easily access business insights.

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